Smartthings Hub V3 - Unable to Connect to Schlage Camelot (Schlage Touchscreen) Locks

Hi - I am newbie, just joined the community of Smartthings with new V3 hub.

I am unable to Connect to Schlage Camelot (Schlage Touchscreen) Locks.

I tried connecting per instructions provided, it says nothing found. I tried again after resetting the locks to factory settings.

I tried to do Z-wave exclusion; it says nothing found.

I moved the hub just 1 feet closer to the locks and tried with both my locks, does work.

I am not sure if this is related, but I have a Schlage WiFi adapter that my locks are connected to; to boost the weak signal. Not sure, if this is causing the issues.

Please suggest? Thank you!!!

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Schlage Connect Zwave can’t connect to the Wifi adapter and ST at the same time - One network at a time. You’ll have to disconnect it from that before you attempt to connect to ST. That said you’ll want a beaming capable repeater installed very close to the lock in range of your ST hub for reliable operation.

Thanks Nathan; appreciate it. I will checkout the capable repeater, per your suggestions.

I’m having exactly the same problem. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips listed on this site but no luck. I have a ST v3 and a BE469NX Camelot (touchscreen deadbolt with alarm). This is ridiculous. I have a newer Century model that worked just fine. It’s the only other device connected to my hub. What’s the deal???