Schlage Touchscreen not working?

Hey all,

I’ve got a schlage be469 (Camelot, I believe) that was the first zwave item I threw on my smartthings hub about 2 years ago. It’s been working like a charm since.

A few monrhs back, I kept getting notifications that my wife forgot to lock the door when she left for work, so the hub send the command to lock it.

I have her a hard time about it but she SWORE she manually locked it before heading out the garage.

Well… Come to find out, my hub isn’t recognizing any manual events on my schlage. I’ve replaced batteries, excluded, removed, added… Everything, and I’m still not getting manual events to register in the smartthings app unless I go and hit the refresh button.

I reached out to schlage, thinkin this lock took a dump on me and since I was within a 3yr warranty, I’d see what they can do.

Well they responded with this:
"Unfortunately within the last 2 weeks we have had multiple customers with this same problem, but only when paired to a Smartthings hub. Customers using Wink/Ringalarm/etc did not experience this.

Smartthings did release a hub update 7/1 to address this, but many people that did the update lost control of their lock. So they get updates, but when sending a command it doesn’t work. ST is now working on a hotfix for that."

I did a search on here for any other postings… And didn’t see any… So either I suck at searching, or I’m the only one lookin for input.

Anyone else experienced this? Any workarounds while St works on a fix?

Thanks all!

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Same, or similar issues here. Not sure when it happened but this weekend I tried everything, including changing DTH and Smart Apps which seems to have only made things worse.

I dont know if my complaining to ST or to Schlage did anything, but my phone requested a security update, and after updating my phone, excluding the lock for the fourth time, re-adding it, and setting it up in ST, it works in real-time again.


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Are you using any custom DTH’s?

I’ve got the same behavior now. Using the stock Z-Wave Schlage driver with Smart Locks app, but I had the same results with ethayer’s app/dth.


I believe that DTH is no longer maintained. Using the stock DTH is best or up to date DTH like this one if you have access to rboy apps and you need access to any advanced lock features.
The stock DTH works fine for most users and you can use with the stock Smart Locks app for basic programming or you can check out this app for advanced features for lock and user management.

When you’re using locks it also helps to add buffering devices close to the lock, this improves the quality of the mesh. As a general rule for pairing locks, it should be within 5ft of the hub before trying to pair a lock; sometimes it may have trouble pairing with the hub if it’s connected via a repeater or if the signals are weak as it won’t complete the pairing successfully due to mesh timing issues and platform latency.