Schlage Smart Deadbolt and Smartthings

Good afternoon everyone,

So I have a semi short question. I just recently purchased and installed the Schlage Camelot Smart Sense Lock. Which is working fine. I installed the Schlage Sense app and programmed it to my new smart deadbolt. Everything works fine on the Schlage app, but I can’t get it t part to smart things. Am I doing something wrong? Ultimately I want to pait it to Smartthings and then use my Google Home to voice lock and unlock my my door.

Oh one other thing. I tried to pair it to the Smartthing, but when I push the Schlage name on the keypad it wont go into pairing mode anymore more. It just tells me that I am putting in the wrong keyy access code.

Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.

Sure you didn’t buy a Bluetooth lock?

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The Schlage “sense” line is HomeKit only. It cannot be paired to smartthings.

The Schlage “connect” line can take either a Z wave or zigbee module, and those will work with SmartThings.

Both lines have a “Camelot” design style.

If you bought the “sense” version and you instead want a lock that will work with smartthings, you will need to return it and get the “connect” version instead.