Looking at a Schlage lock. Confused. Please help

Hello all, I am new to the community and getting ready to purchase the smartthings hub as well as a schlage smart lock. I am a bit confused. When looking on the schlage home site they list three models. The first is the schlage sense. I am not 100% but it sounds like this will only work with apple connect? Is that right?

Secondly, you have the schlage connect. I THINK this is the one I want. It appears this one is compatible with the ST hub right? Without the hub is it possible to make it auto lock/unlock?

The last one is the touch and seems to have to many limitations to be worth messing with.

Also, I am really torn on the Smart Things hub. I have seen a lot of great reviews for it while I have also seen a lot of people indicating they have had issues with it. The outages as of late are a real concern as well.

If someone could assist me and help to answer these questions I would appreciate it.

I have a Schlage Connect Camelot (I believe the BE468 model) and it works perfectly fine with ST. There are some updated device types / apps that you can use to enable all of the features from within ST, including lock code management, auto-relock, etc.


The Schlage “Connect” is the Z-Wave series of locks and is definitely SmartThings compatible. Works fine, but can be touchy to “add” initially because it cannot use repeaters during the add progress.

To use SmartThings auto-lock, you “must” also make sure to have a Contact Sensor on the door (any cheap Z-Wave or ZigBee sensor), but the lock itself can be programmed to automatically re-throw the bolt after a certain number of minutes.

Sorry I should rephrase. By auto I mean using geofencing.


But “we” don’t recommend unlocking your door based on geofence or presense tag sensing. Presence sensing in SmartThings is a little too flaky.

Not a bad way to auto-lock the door, though, in case you forgot on the way out…

What do you mean by flaky?

Ummm… there’s no short answer to that.

Do a Forum Search :mag: on “presence” or similar terms.

The short version is that the presence sensors poll very slowly and don’t have great battery life whereas using location based on your phone is subject to many variables so it’s good at detecting whether or not you are in an area but not specifically that you are at your house or not (you might be next door, or farther).

There are ways to make presence accurate using a combination of factors but for that you’ll need to follow tgauchat’s suggestion and do some searching.

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Thanks for this info. Where we live if I am close enough to trigger a presence flag it is ok for the door to be unlocked.

Also, can you set it up with auto re lock so that even if this happens it locks its self after say 10 minutes any way?

Yes, as mentioned you can configure the lock to automatically relock and/or you can have a smartapp do this for you.

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Thanks for the quick reply.