Schlage FE599NX Offline

This Schlage Z-Wave device worked great for about 6 months. Was always online and able to unlock via internet when at home about 1600 miles away. Now the Smarthub shows connected and it shows the lock as a connected device, but I can only unlock when connected to same Wifi. Tried removing then adding back to system when there in November, but same results. Any suggestions?


If you don’t end up figuring this out, call Schlage. They have a three-year warranty on their products, and they replaced a lock for me with no questions asked!

I did email them. Will see what they say.

See this post, it may help:

Thanks. Nothing changed physically from 1st 6 months to now, but I will move Smarthub to the garage mesh router beacon when I go down in February since that is where the lock is located.