Smart Lock not Responding - Zwave_S0_Downgrade?

Yesterday I added a second Schlage Century Connect to my home. It paired successfully with my Smartthings V2, and at the time everything seemed hunky dory.

This morning Im at work and try the lock from my phone just to test it, and it wont respond to lock or unlock commands sent via my phone. When I check its status in the IDE, it says 'networkSecuritylevel: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE" in the Data section. My other door lock (exact same model) doesn’t say anything like that in the data section.

Could this simply be a poor zwave signal to the lock location or is there something else going on to prevent my lock from responding? I think it should have plenty of signal at this location based on the locations of other zwave devices.

I assume you ran a Z-Wave Repair after installing the new lock?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I have both repaired the zwave network and rebooted the hub remotely.

Just to check, the 2 things mentioned may not be related.

The message in the data section might just be message smartthings now writes when pairing.

I do not think that the message in data changes after pairing.

Not responding is a different issue