Schlage Door lock

I keep losing connection with my Schlage door lock. Where should I start. I have replace the device a number of times and it only works for a very short time.

Need more info.

  1. What makes you think you are “losing connection”?
  2. What (specifically) is not working?
  3. You’ve replaced the lock a number of times?!!

How far from hub???

I cannot lock/unlock from my iphone and I stop getting recent conditions

Sometimes I get recent conditions, like when/how locked, and not able to lock or unlock from my phone.

roughly 25ft about 2 rooms away

I am very interested in this thread. I have two new Schlage touchscreen deadbolts on my vacation home, neither of which will pair with my gen 2 hub. Briefly used and Iris hub, they sort of paired, but lost and regained connection every few hours, so I threw the Iris hub out. Figure Smartthings must be superior, but cannot pair.

The locks are less than 50 feet from the hub, more like 30 feet, through a couple walls.

You need to turn on the zwave in your lock. they come turned off. The direction with the lock will tell u how

That sounds like an exclusion issue.

Well don’t try to include them with that kind of distance. Move the hub close to the lock before trying to pair. Once paired you can move the hub back. But before trying anything, check out Tylers post (Re:Excluding…"). The schalge lock manual actually describes how you can tell if the lock is still paired with another network/hub…

If you move the hub or the device you should also run a z-wave repair. Depending on the walls you may need a repeater, getting a light switch in between or a Aeon smart plug. You may also have interference on the zwave band that is causing the range to be lower. Also make sure the hub is not right up against anything, you want the antennas to be able to broadcast out. I initially had mine shoved in a cabinet with all my ethernet drops and range was poor.