Schlage Lock offline

Please help. I have a Schlage lock be468cam619 that was working fine until yesterday. It randomly went offline and I haven’t been able to reconnect it. I have tried excluding and re adding it back to the Hub without success. One thing i notice is that when i try to exclude it that even that fails. I recently merged everything over to the new app. It was working fine initially but now its not. Any suggestions?

  • you may want to reset the lock
  • reboot the ST hub
  • start z-wave exclusion
  • Press the Schlage button on the lock
  • Enter 6 digit programming code.
  • Press 0.

I have reseted the lock several times. I do have a zwave repeater directly next to the lock. I have restarted the hub several times. Not sure where to go from here. :frowning:

have you ran z-wave repair? if yes, any error messages?

I did and I received an error message saying it couldn’t find the route to the Schlage lock. Then after I deleted the Lock and ran zwave repair and a that point it completed with no errors.

I just ran zwave repair and one of my device constantly gets this error. Light [07]: Could not update neighbors.

I tried rerunning the repair 5 times and received the same error each time. Could this be the problem with my lock?

Try adding it using the Classic app instead of the new one. I had the same issue a few months back and could never get the new app to add it. However once you add it in the Classic app, it will be fully functional in the new app.

I just tried adding in the classic app and that still didn’t work. Something tells me the reason this isn’t working is because I have yet still to run a successful exclusion. Were you able to complete exclusion before adding?

Yes, i ran a z-wave exclusion before trying to re-add it & i also factory reset the lock when i was trying to add it to the new app before trying to add it with the Classic app. Is you hub within 2 feet of the lock?

The hub is not within two feet, but I have several plugged in repeaters that is within 2 feet of the lock…

My initial setup and conditions were exactly the game.

Try moving the hub closer, repeaters don’t always work. Known issue with Schlage locks if you search the forum.

FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks

Just finished moving the hub closer and it still didn’t work. The device still fails to exclude.

Is it possible that the lock malfunctioned? I have tried everything and still haven’t gotten it to exlude or add.

OK, just checking… you did try changing the batteries?

Yes I changed the batteries as well. The battery levels of the one that dropped offline was 83. I then changed it to brand new batteries and still haven’t gotten things to connect. Any other suggestion that I should try or should I try a warranty replacement?

The last suggestion would be to open any custom device handlers (if any) in IDE and publish for me again. There is a known issue with them becoming stale and preventing devices from pairing. Then exclude lock and try to pair.

Other than that, looks like you may have exhausted everything and should contact Schlage support.

Tagging the lock expert @RBoy

Interesting. I did have ethayers custom device handler and I deleted it. Would I need to add it back before trying to exclude and adding back?

No, you can just use the stock ST device handler. So just exclude and try to pair again