Schlage Connect locks stopped working

I own eight (8) Schlage Connect locks that I’ve managed through my Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 for over two years now. They all went offline at the same time five days ago and I can’t get them back up and running. Any ideas? What should I be trying?

I’m guessing this has something to do with the whole driver change that we’re all being pushed through. Where or how do I get new drivers??

What’s the model number of the locks?
Do you have other Zwave devices? Are there any offline?
Have you tried a Zwave repair?
What firmware version is your hub on ?
What driver are they currently using?

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

In addition to the important questions that @mlchelp asked, go to the official Web interface to your SmartThings account in the advance section and check and see what it says about any one of the locks there.

In particular, check the manufacturer code, the model number, and what driver it says it’s using if any. :thinking:

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The model on that page is listed as 001-0469

And the Manufacturer Code is 003B-0001-0469

Accidently deleted my answer to you. Here it is again:

Model Number: BE469ZP (eight of them)

Other ZWave devices: Yes, many. I have Zooz and Inovelli devices throughout the house and a smattering of others. There are a few that need to be reset, but in general most are working well.

ZWave Repair: Yes, I’ve done this. Twice actually.

Hub Firmware version: 000.050.00010

Driver: Since all locks are offline right now, I cannot get into them via the App. How can I find the driver information??

I would try and exclude them one at a time and add the ZWave Lock PH Edge Driver that you can find In the link below. Then try repairing them to the hub and see if they work. They need to be paired within 5 feet or so from the hub. I think the Zwave Lock PH driver has more functions and features then the stock driver.

I know @h0ckeysk8er has these locks and he may have more insight into this then me.

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Morning @rcroche

I had nearly an identical situation with in fact 8 Schlage Locks!

When in doubt, REBOOT (power-cycle) YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE…

Read the first post… I tried Z-Wave Network Repair multiple times, Pulled Batteries from impacted Z-Wave Locks, Power-Cycled Hub & Modem, etc. It wasn’t until I did these steps that it all came back instantly.