Schlage Connect Lock Not Confirming After Alexa Command (SOLVED)


First post here. I have two Schlage Connect locks and they both “work”, but the newer one will have Alexa say “locking, the front door is locked”. However, the back door just locks with no confirmation. Has anyone seen this? If so were you able to fix this?

Yep, the events from the other lock aren’t reaching the hub. Common issue. Add a repeater or two depending on your layout to make sure the events reach the hub.

See this topic for details:

First, thank you for the response. It certainly gave me something to look into, but I am fairly certain this is not my issue.

My front door lock always locks, and always updates in ST. However, Alexa seems to treat this lock differently than the other. The same command (Lock front/back door) gets “Ok” for the front, but “locking…the back door is locked” from the back.

Maybe it is still the distance/overworked problem, but Schlage does not have different firmware for software handling so that is not it.

Super easy to confirm, open the Classic ST app, open your lock page (the one not announcing), open the Recently tab. When you lock the door it should say Lock X was locked. If you see that message pop up (not the sending command but the response), then it isn’t a mesh issue. If you dont’ see it, it’s a mesh issue. As straight forward as that :slight_smile:

It’s NOT a distance issue, I’ve seen this happen countless times with the hub just 2 ft from the lock or sitting under the lock. It’s a mesh buffering issue. See that topic I had linked earlier and some of the links on the 2nd post for examples and explanations.

Both of them show Amazon Alexa (sent lock command to front door), Front door (Locked) and no mesh issue came up…

Did you still get the door locking when the problem showed up in the past?


Just want to reiterate right off the bat Alexa just says ok. Almost like Alexa does not acknowledge it is a lock. I can ask if the door is locked, and she responds just fine.

If you’re seeing the the confirmation back in the events that the door was locked in the Recently tab then it’s not a mesh issue.

You can try removing all your devices from Alexa (using the Alexa native app) and then having Alexa discover all your devices again and see if that helps.

Finally figured it out!

Silly problem. I created a routine for the front door when I first installed it. Never did for the back.

So the front door just ran the Alexa routine, but the back door directly interfaced the lock.