Issue with Alexa and Schlage Connect Lock after updating to new ST app

I’ve been successfully using a Schlage Connect (Z-wave) lock in my front door with a Samsung hub and the classic ST app. The other day things changed a bit when I downloaded the new ST app. After this I could give the lock and unlock voice commands to Alexa and they would promptly be carried out. Alexa would give no confirmation regarding the locked or unlocked state but in about 45 seconds would say “Sorry, front door is not responding.” It’s as though the state of the lock after completing the action is not being reported to the hub or to Alexa. Strangely enough, though, when I ask “Alexa, is the front door locked?” she always responds properly. Any suggestions???

Have you updated to the new Alexa Skill yet?

Yes, Alexa Skills has been updated on my iPhone 6 within the last few days.

I will tag @RBoy, he might have an idea what is going on.
If it was working before, then might something else has changed, not just the Alexa skill.

I’d guessed. There’s a BUNCH of issues being reported with the updated Alexa Skill and I’d suspect this is just another iteration of those problems.

  1. absolutely report the issue to SmartThings support so they know you’re having an issue.
  2. Watch this thread: for posts from Lars about their progress with fixes to the skill…

I have a similar issue & I believe rboy said it might be a cloud sync issue. I’m at a point that the best we can hope for is everything is fixed by the end of the month. I dont believe I have seen any post updating the status of all the issues that have arisen recently.

As suggested, today I sent details of this issue to Smartthings Support. Let’s see if I get a reply. If so I’ll share it on this forum and in this thread.

Here’s what I got back from Smartthings Support**

**Thanks for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

In regards to your concern please perform the below troubleshooting steps for Z-wave repair and check with the results:

From the Home screen, touch Menu > Devices
Select the Hub
Touch More options (More Options icon)
Touch Z-Wave Utilities
Touch Repair Z-Wave Network
You will see this message: "Z-Wave network repair started."

Do not send any commands to your devices until you receive the “Z-Wave network repair finished” message. This may take up to 15 minutes.

If the issue still persists reset the Z-wave device and add it back and check with the results

Coming to your question about Alexa: We suggest you remove and re-add your Alexa integration with SmartThings and check with the results

I’ve done all of this to no avail!!!