SmartThings and Schlage Connect Lock

I have installed two Schlage Connect locks on my garage door and front door and have them connected to my SmartThings hub. When I tell Alexa to lock the garage door, she always locks it. However, when I tell her to lock the front door, she does it about 50% of the time. When it doesn’t work, it takes her about 20 seconds to think before telling me “Something went wrong. I couldn’t lock the front door lock.” Sometimes I tell her to lock it again immediately after the first try, and she works the second time.

The garage door lock is only a couple feet away from the hub, but the front door lock isn’t too much further. I also have several Z-Wave Plus switches and outlet plugs in between the hub and both doors, and I believe these are supposed to extend the Z-Wave network. All of them are on the same floor in my house and an open floor plan, so no walls blocking them from communicating.

I had originally purchased 2 Schlage Connect locks, so I switched out the front door with the 3rd lock and had the same results, so it’s not the lock that is bad.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and have any remedies?

I believe these devices use beaming. More info on beaming can be found below. What kind of wired Z-Wave devices are you using as a repeater? @JDRoberts could add more.

You’re having a Z-wave communication issue with your lock. Lots of things can affect the mesh and it’s quality.
Start with a few simple things:

  1. Reboot your ST hub
  2. Repair your Z-Wave network
  3. Check your lock batteries
  4. Add an active Z-Wave device/repeater between your lock hub

The above 4 things will solve 99% of your issues.

I’m using the newer GE Z-Wave Plus light switches and dimmers (models 14294 and 14294), in addition to the GE Z-Wave Plus outlet plugs. Is beaming the same as repeaters?

Thank you for your reply.
1 & 2. I will look up how to reboot my hub and repair the Z-Wave network tomorrow (I’m brand new to this, so please bear with me as I learn how to work everything).

  1. As for the lock batteries, they are still at 100% as I just installed them and set up my ST hub last week.

  2. I have several Z-Wave Plus wall light switches (models 14294 and 14294) and outlet plugs in between the lock and the hub. Are these the same as an active Z-Wave device/repeater?

Yes they can act as repeaters but note that it should be no further than
10-15 ft from the lock to the nearest repeater.

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