Alexa locks door, gets updated, but says sorry back door is not responding

Not a ST problem, but thought I would post in hopes someone can help.
I have 2 BE469 Schlage Door Locks Z wave connected to ST. ST connected to Alexa. When I say “Alexa, lock Back Door”, Alexa says “locking, hang on”. The back door locks, ST app shows updated status, Alexa app shows updated status. About 30 seconds later, Alexa says “sorry, back door is not responding”.
This happens for the back door and the front door. Happens for locking and unlocking. Just moved to ST from Wink where I had the same issue. I have excluded and removed devices from Wink and ST. Disabled and re-enabled skills. Deleted and re-added devices. Reset ST, Alexa, Wink, Router, and Schlage devices. Tried different router.
Alexa is getting a status update since the app is updating but seems to be looking for another reply that is not coming. I have also seen reports of this same behavior on Wyze forums.
Is there anything I am missing? Seems to be either Alexa problem or problem with multiple Schlage devices. Any insight is appreciated.

This typically is an indication of directional communications issues with the lock. Either the lock has lost one way communication with the hub or the response packets are being lost in the mesh. Some z-wave module are more susceptible to this (esp some CT thermostats, but they have an easy fix to reset the device without having to re-pair them).

If it’s the former, you can try to disconnect the batteries and reconnect them. If that doesn’t work then you’ll have to re-pair the lock with the hub.
If it’s the latter you should add a buffering device between the lock and the hub as explained here (it never hurts to do this anyways).

Thanks for replying. I am getting response packets in that the lock status is immediately updated in ST and also in Alexa app.
I can also do a refresh from ST app and get a returning result in the live logs showing battery level and state.
Alexa is getting a response but Voice integration doesn’t correlate that there was a response.

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If you’re confident that there’s no issue with the communication/timing of the lock (it it’s running slow to update then also Alexa can time out), try disconnecting Alexa from your ST account and reconnecting it.

@blehmbot1 this is an issue with the new alexa skill. See this thread.

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)