Schlage Camelot: Worked for a year, then hub upgraded, now?

I’ve been using my SmartThings hub with my Schlage deadbolt for a year.

My family uses the iOS app, and some of us use the widget. Both have worked flawlessly for about a year. We’ve tried the Apple Watch app - that has never worked for us.

In any event, we’ve had hub upgrades before and planned outages before, and never had problems.

But since this last hub update, we can’t use the app to lock or unlock.

What’s interesting is, the app does correctly report the current lock position. So that must mean that it’s communicating with the lock through the hub.

The lock is able to operate the deadbolt based on keypad input, so the mechanics in the lock are working.

Anyone have any ideas?


had the same problem after the firmware update I had to remove the locks from the zwave and then re-install them.
luckily I have 2 so I removed one and then re-installed it and then moved most of the smart apps from the other one back onto the re-installed one and then did the same thing the other way for the second lock.

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Definitely report it to support. They may be able to see something from their side.

It might be related to the following

Try to rebuild zwave network using utilities. Perhaps the relay the hub has been using to communicate with your lock is the culprit. FWIW I have this lock too - having no such problem before and after the hub recent update.

OK - I know this sounds crazy, but after trying all of the above and more, the problem turned out to be the batteries in the lock.

SmartThings showed the battery level at 74%, and the keypad worked without delay, but nevertheless, changing the batteries finally fixed this problem.

I put the 74% batteries back in to be sure, and the problem came back.

I am at a loss to understand this, but I’m happy to have the problem fixed. Maybe the Schlage lock is somehow uniquely sensitive to these certain batteries?


Good to know, thanks for posting. My Schalge batteries also started failing at 74% but they beeped on any lock and unlocked for few days before completely dying. It seems that Schalge battery reporting is not reliable. It’s strange, because the lock know it’s weak on battery (the beep) so why not report them as low?! I too was fooled by the incorrect battery report, took the battery our and run them through battery tester to see they are dead.
By the way, I’ve considered a battery issue when I replied to you, but since your failure was in receiving not in transmitting it did not make sense.

This is wild, because I was having the exact same problem. My lock was only a month or two old, still using the batteries that came with my lock. They were reporting 94%. I was also receiving accurate status updates, but unable to control the lock. After replacing the batteries, it began working fine again.

To add another observation to the issue, both of my GoControl garage door openers were displaying “Unavailable.” After changing the batteries in my front door lock, both of the garage doors started working properly as well.