Schlage Lock Not Working

Just added a Schlage Camelot touchscreen deadbolt, paired it and everything appeared to go smoothly, but it won’t lock or unlock via smart things app. When I click lock or unlock, it says locking or unlocking but nothing happens. I have another z-wave lock further away that works perfect so don’t think it is a distance issue. I deleted/excluded it and re-added it successful again, and same thing. Any help appreciated- here is what the device page looks like

Finally got this working- actually just started working out of the blue- Suddenly locked and unlocked several times back to back, as if the commands were back logged. Makes me a little concerned about reliability, and realize how much faith we are placing in smartthings :slight_smile:

I’d take a closer look at your z-wave signal to the device. Just because you have one further away that works fine doesn’t really mean much. It seems these low powered networks are very susceptible to EMI. I had a lot of those types of issues with my lock when it was the only z-wave device on the network. Now that I have a mature network of them, I haven’t seen anything like that in months on mine.