Schlage door lock does not lock/unlock with app


I have the Schlage camelot deadbolt lock connected to smartthings. When I installed the lock and connected it to smartthings it worked great possibly better than I ever imagined. now however all of a sudden the app can not lock/unlock the door anymore. I press the button, it circles, then nothing.

I know it is still communicating with my phone because I walk over to the lock and lock/unlock it and the device state shows up instantly in the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same issue with my Kwikset 914s as of today…I suggest you submit a trouble ticket.

How long was it working properly ? Have you added any new Z-wave devices to your mesh ? When was the last time you did a Z-wave repair ? What are the batteries at ? It the batteries are getting low it will still report, but they won’t be able to throw the bolt.

Same issue with my Kwikset 914s. They were great, now won’t respond to commands. No new devices, did a couple Z-Wave repairs. Still won’t listen.


I did add something new. I added a Linear GoControl garage door opener. I believe the lock stopped working before that however. The garage door opener does not work either. Everything else is good, the lights, Tv, outlets.

I did one repair and it didn’t work, now I want to just remove both the garage door and the lock and re-add them but that doesn’t seem to work right now either.

I used the general exclusion to take them out of the system, regardless of whether they’re showing up or not (my garage door opener wasn’t) and then added them back in through the Things menu at the bottom. A couple of them took several tries, as I would get an error message as they were adding back in, but eventually they took. A real pain…clearly, something changed at ST, as it seems limited to locks and garage doors, but ST support claims it’s not.

the isssues is not the door lock its your smarthing hub or other hub your using to fix the issues try this two thing. try to reset your smartthings hub located in the back with a pin.
or unplug it for 30 sec.any question email me at luck

reset your smartthings in the back or unplug it for 30 sec mine worked after I reset ot and unlug it.good luck