Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt connection?

I purchased the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit today along with the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt #BE469NXCAM619. I have read several post trying to troubleshooting this lock and figure out why I can’t get it to connect to the hub. I took the lock off the door and placed it right next to the hub and it will connect fine. Move it back to the door and the app shows its connected but it will not move… I thought it might be a range problem but I placed the SmartThings Outlet that came in the kit right next to the deadbolt/door and it stays connected perfectly. The deadbolt will not. I have deleted it from the app done the exclusion process and reinstalled it several times. I have done factory reset on the lock and tied to reconnect several times… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately you are dealing with 2 different protocols here: the deadbolt uses Zwave and your Smart Outlet uses zigbee. You likely need a few more Zwave devices between your hub and deadbolt to make this work. Lowes carries a new Iris “smart” outlet that is a repeater for both Zwave and zigbee. You may want to try it.

That is what I was thinking the problem was! Thank you! Is it safe to leave the Deadbolt in the system until I get the repeater? Will it remember everything when the repeater is plugged in? Is there a chance I will come home and find my door unlocked?

You should be fine leaving it as is and it shouldn’t unlock on its own assume you don’t have any apps or routines set to unlock it.

Another option is to switch out a light switch or two between the hub and the lock. Those will readd to your mesh and repeat the signal. Just make sure you get Zwave ones. Lowes carries them for cheaper then Amazon. Lowes is also dumping their old GE “clamshell” packaged ones for cheap right now since the new ones have new packaging. If you are lucky to find them you can save a few bucks. See the long thread for details:

Ok I looked up both links from Lowes and both the plug and the light switches are out of stock at any store around me and it says they will not ship. Just for my own info… How do you know any of the Lowes stuff is Z-wave? It does not say it in the specs anywhere?

Also how do you know which device serves as a repeater?

Is this a repeater?

Although adding a powered device that also acts as a repeater is a good idea in any event, it’s possible there is is a simpler solution. Z-wave is a mesh network, interconnecting “neighbor” devices. By initially pairing your lock local to the hub and then moving it, it’s possible that the routing table has the wrong neighbor info, and sending your hub commands to never-never land. Try doing a Z-wave repair and see if it helps. It is well hidden in the mobile app:
tap the overflow (3 vertical dots) icon > My Locations > ‘gear’ icon > Home Hub > Z-Wave Utilities > Repair Z-Wave Network
From the IDE: My Hubs > View Utilities > Repair Z-Wave network

I have tried the Z-wave repair a couple of times and it gives me a error on the lock everytime. I am going to try a couple of these devices that act as repeater and see if that fixes the problem. I just need to make sure the device I am looking at acts as a repeater.

As long as it has AC power and not battery power it will work as a repeater.

Ok I went and purchased 2 wall plug adapters from Lowe’s. Of course I got the wrong ones. I got dimmer plugs instead of the regular wall plugs. Once I positioned them in just the right spot the door will lock and unlock! The range on the hub is really bad and the plugs don’t have much better range. I am going to return the 2 dimmers and get the regular plugs unless there is anything that will give me better range?