Iris vs Smartthing120-Volt White Smart Plug

Is this same zigbee device from centralite?
Iris $34.99 vs Smartthings $54.99 ?

Highly likely the exact same. Even if white labelled, there are likely some Centralite model numbers somewhere. Possibly customized firmware or default configuration, but not $20 worth.

SmartThings’s shop prices are very high. I’d never buy anything there that I can find somewhere else. But caveat emptor, I suppose.

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iris says “The Iris Smart Plug is a repeater for both ZigBee and Z-Wave devices. For more information or assistance, please reach out to the Iris Support Team at (855) 469-4747.”

i would say the iris is better!

I bought 12 of the GE zigbee switches to extend my zigbee network when the iris zwave GE switchs are 15 bucks cheaper…

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I have one of the new Iris Smart Plugs. It paired as a Smartthing Power outlet. Gives me power reading and works just fine

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I’ve always felt bad about not buying “things” from ST. But the fact that they have such a high margin on their products makes it impossible for me to justify.

did it register as a zwave repeater?

That’s like feeling guilty for putting generic soda-pop in your Samsung refrigerator.
Or, running Netflix on your Amazon Kindle Fire device (

SmartThings is not a hardware company (I believe that’s a paraphrased quote from SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson). They are an infrastructure service. A SmartHome platform.

How they expect to earn revenue in the long term is anyone’s guess.

they want to have a subscription base, recurring monthly income.

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Can that even be true?..

… and @blebson

I’m an impulsive speculator when it comes to trying to understand secret business strategy. Subscriptions as a revenue source for SmartThings cannot be ruled out; in fact, it is already planned for “premium services” (such as video storage and ad hoc sharing of events and control with neighbors or extended family…). SmartThings could also earn money by partnering with insurance, installers, data analyzers, etc., etc…

SmartThings could also just be a cost-center (instead of a profit-center) for Samsung to leverage as a premium feature in their appliances, AV, and phones or as a data collector for these business lines and partners, etc., etc…

I’ve written so many threads speculating on whether or not hub margins are sufficient and what other revenue streams may help, I don’t even know how to find them all. So here’s one at random

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@celblazer, I’d love to know this too. I’d be pretty shocked to see it show up as a Z-wave repeater. I’ve got one of the ST plugs as part of the new Hub package and it doesn’t show up as a z-wave repeater in on my hub at all.

The Iris branded plug is the one that is suppose to be a Zigbee and Zwave repeat or. Look at the questions and answer on the iris product page.
smartthings plug:!/products/samsung-smartthings-outlet

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IDK. Where can I look to see what it’s repeating? Or for that matter what devices are acting as repeaters? Never knew I could.

Assuming this device does repeat for both it would be an odd duck. It would have to have two radios in it, one for Zigbee and one for Z-wave of course as they use different frequencies.

Presumably it should show up as two devices in SmartThings, one being an outlet (which is also a repeater) and the other being a repeater. I guess the first things I’d do it check through your things list and see if you have any device that is listed as just a repeater. SmartThings may have seen and paired both devices/radios when you first added it to your hub.

It’s also possible that there are some “advanced” setup where you have to pair it to the Hub/Controller then do something special to turn on the z-wave radio and get that paired. If you DON’T see two devices in ST for this outlet then I’d double check the manual/instructions that came with this item and see what it says.

It’s also possible that being a dual repeater will ONLY work with Iris. It might be something that when it pairs with the Iris controller a special command gets sent to turn on or pair the other radio. (If this is the case there may be a way to get it working with ST but it would take some hacking I would guess.)

This is all just guess work on my part here. I really have no idea for sure, just throwing out ideas. And while I’m doing that, here’s one last idea… and the most likely idea in my opinion:

This isn’t a repeater for Zigbee and Z-wave. It’s either mislabeled or someone has some bad info at Lowe’s.


I have no duplicate devices in ST, Nothing listed as repeaters or anything additional devices I don’t reconize and I have a bunch of wired switches, plug-in outlets(Smartthings brand included) and at least one other device that is supposed to repeat. I just assumed that if it’s supposed to repeat it does. Never thought about it being listed in ST somewhere but this would be nice to find/see.

You are entirely right that if it’s supposed to repeat it just does. It won’t be listed as a repeater at all.

However, there are some devices that are JUST repeaters. They don’t do anything but listen for Z-wave (or Zigbee) traffic and then pass it along on the mesh network. These devices will be listed as just ‘repeaters.’

Assuming that this outlet really does repeat both Zigbee and Z-wave, then my assumption is that it’s basically two devices in one little box. One device (probably the Zigbee one) is a radio that controls the outlet as well as repeat Zigbee traffic. The other device (probably the Z-wave) just sits there and repeats the Z-wave traffic.

Because Zigbee and Z-wave use different frequencies and protocols and all that it seems to me that it would be very unlikely that it would pair and show up as just a single device. That said, it also seems highly unlikely to me that someone would put two radios in one device. Possible of course, but unlikely. That’s why I’m leaning towards someone at Lowe’s having bad info.


This is the new Iris one and it shows up as just a Zigbee device in SmartThings as far as I can tell even though it has the Z-Wave Plus logo on it. I have found no evidence that it has joined the Z-Wave network.


This is so weird…!

Does it have a Zigbee logo at all?

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for most of the new Lowe’s Iris products…the local stores only have the keypad, motion sensor, and Contact (Door/Window) sensor. For 34.99 and it acts as a repeater for both…that is a great deal; however, I agree, this may be a feature only available for the Iris hub and not ST.