Bad Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt?

I believe one of my Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt locks may be faulty and I’d like your input. To add the lock, I moved Hub V2 within inches of the lock (via long ethernet cord). I carefully followed the directions from Schlage and selected “Connect New Device” within the SmartThings app and it continually gave me the error “This lock failed to complete the network security key exchange. If you are unable to control it via SmartThings, you must remove it from your network and add it again.” The lock never worked despite being added as a new Thing by the app - and the lock itself never showed a green checkmark on its screen to confirm that it was joined. So I successfully excluded the lock and tried again. I tried this pattern many, many, many times and have had no success. Using the Live Logging feature on the website (screenshot below) I was able to see that during the pairing process it is saying “ Exception 'java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 3’ encountered parsing ‘cmd: update, payload: ted’ “ I believe this indicates there is a problem with the lock itself (maybe the security key programmed at the factory?) so the lock needs to be replaced. What do you think? I was able to successfully add another identical lock on another door which is working perfectly so I don’t think there is a problem with the Hub V2 itself. Any thoughts from the community would be much appreciated - thanks in advance!

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Try doing a general device exclusion first in this article, then re pair

Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, I did many, many general and specific exclusions as described in the article you mentioned - and after each I tried re paring and in all cases I got the same result.

I’d contact support first just to be safe

Thanks again - I’ll do that - in the meantime, curious if anyone thinks the log is indicating a bad lock…

I have received this in the past. Was able to get past it by performing multiple general device exclusions on the lock prior to adding it. Good luck!

I had to call Schalge support because a keypad on one lock stopped working, They happily replaced all 3 of my locks no questions asked.

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That’s really interesting - I’d definitely give that a shot. So you went through the general device exclusion process several times in a row before you tried adding the lock again? How many exclusions did you do in a row before adding? Thanks for the input!

That’s reassuring, thank you - if all else fails hopefully they’ll exchange mine!

I have the same problem. It complains of the “lock failed to complete the network security key exchange.” so you are not the only one. I saw when I did the general exclude I got the red X when I went to programming mode “0” on the lock. Did you get a green check mark on the lock? Please keep this thread updated.

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Me too!!! and they let me keep the old ones… and one of the old ones is doing the same thing that’s mentioned in this post.

This error is not problematic and is unrelated to the performance of your lock. If you’re seeing the error related to the network security key please contact In most cases bringing the lock closer to the hub (or vice versa) during the pairing process will fix this issue.

I would do a full reset ( option 6 , if I remember correctly ) then try again. How old is your lock ? I know there were issues with the firmware on some of the earlier models of this lock. Unfortunately the only way to get a firmware upgrade is to send the entire lock back to Schlage

I’ll jump in and say I had an issues with 1 of my 2 Schlage Camelot deadbolts. One of the locks would not pair. Sounds very similar to what you’ve described. I had to move the hub pretty close, factory reset the lock and it finally paired…

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Mine was very hard to pair as well.

This is the device that took the longest to exclude and move to my v2 hub.

I got the green check mark.

I did contact them and they were extremely nice and are sending me a brand new one without any hassle at all - very impressed with their service!

This is the only error during the pairing process - the hub could not get any closer - I’m holding it inches from the lock during pairing and continue to get this error.

I just ordered the locks from amazon a month ago so I think they’re pretty new - thanks for the advice about factory reset I’ll give that a shot too.

Well you guys are awesome!!! Unfortunately the multiple exclusion trick didn’t work for me BUT I just tried the factory reset trick (disconnect batteries, hold outside Schlage button while reconnecting) and tried repairing - and it worked the first time!!! Amazing! Thank you all for your help! I’ll have to reach out to Schlage and let them know there’s no need to send that replacement now!