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Schlage Camelot Touch Screen still won't connect

G’day ST group,
I have three Camelot Touch Screen door locks, all bought at different times. 2 of them connected and have been working great for over a year. One of them that was bough back in December, will connect but then shows this information in the IDE

  • fw: 128.22
  • manufacturer: Schlage
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED
  • ver: 8.0

The lock shows up but can not be controlled nor does it send/receive data to/from ST after that.
I have contacted @RBoy (I bought their apps) and they suggested removing their DTH, delete the lock and start over. I did that to no avail.
I have been emailing ST support for MONTHS now. They get back to me about every three weeks with another stupid question, seemingly stall tactic one sentence questions like “is the lock still under warranty?”. “Did you reboot the HUB?”
In my very first email to them, I listed everything I had tried. I don’t like to ask for help until I’m out of ideas so I have Googled and Googled and Googled. Now I am out of ideas :frowning:

I am hoping the community might have some other ideas I have not thought of.


This means that the lock didn’t complete it’s pairing with the hub successfully. Typically it’s due to interference or a mesh issue.

This is quite common. Here are a few helps steps to get the lock to pair (in this order)

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Reset the lock (see manual, connect battery while pressing the Schlage button)
  3. Reboot/power cycle the hub (don’t forget this)
  4. Bring the lock within 5ft of the hub (very important)
  5. Try to pair the lock

This usually works for most folks

Once you’ve paired the lock, I would recommend adding a repeater close to your lock and doing a Z-Wave repair. See this topic for details: