Scenes not working

Hey all. I am new to smartthings somewhat, set up scenes using viritual switches (with ifttt) and lutron integration for lighting scenes with dimmers set to different amounts etc. It worked amazing and now suddenly doesn’t work at all. When I try to activate a scene it says: “Scene could not be executed.” However when I scroll down and click test scene, it works! I thought it might be a certain virtual switch or device in particular but after a lot of playing around, it seems that I am suddenly limited to 19 devices that will work. Anytime I add one more than 19 devices, it doesn’t work! Anyone else have this experience? I am using the Classic app on ios, iphone 7.

I just began experiencing the same thing tonight and my scenes have been working fine for months now. My “Evening” Scene has 20 items in it, when I try to invoke it via Automation or directly on the Scene, it gives me the “Scene could not be executed” error, but when I click “Test Scene” (with all 20 still listed) it works fine.

I went in and removed 1 item to get to 19, and suddenly the Scene activates just fine under the normal means (even Automation)

Thanks for sharing this, I am experiencing the exact same issue.

Same thing here!

same here… needs to be addressed.

I am having the same problem. My scene has 25 items in it so I did not try getting it to under 20, but I am experiencing the same thing. I get the “Scene could not be executed” error when I try to invoke it, but when I test it, it is fine.

Same issue last night :weary:

Same issue here. Scenes do not work through normal app functions, they also do not work when called through Google home routine. They only work when I go to edit the settings and test the scene

The scenes that don’t work have over +20 items all zwave plus

I have 2 scenes that have only 2 items (2 fans) and they still work.

My zwave plus items work just fine when I tell Google home to “turn off everything”. Just scenes are broken

I removed one item in a scene hoping that may fix it. It did not. I am not recreating all my scenes because that is ridiculous

Samsung/Smarthings uses the argument that they don’t support local control of custom DH to maintain stability but then they break stuff all the time like this … flawed logic.

Side note: they broke my Samsung tv Smarthings integration awhile back. I am still very bitter about that

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Anyone know if this is getting resolved? I’m considering moving all 100+ devices to Hubitat.

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Same here… Getting a lot of “Sorry but there was an unexpected error” as soon as I run a scene or automation with a scene…

I also have this error, have 30 devices in one scene and it does not work, however if I edit the scene and press “Test scene” it works as expected.

UPDATE 9/21/18 4:47pm Central - It seems to be fixed now. I just used triggered the broken scene and it worked fine.

I’m having the same issue.

Exact issue. They broke something :confused:

does anyone know if the developers look at these posts? Sounds like we need to call them to get them to fix this? it doesn’t matter if it’s an item that they support or not, its literally more than 19 things on the scene list that breaks the scene from working - although “test scene” will always work.

Make sure you report this to customer support

We’ve tracked down the issue and a fix is being deploy to a test environment, will be verified and pushed to production shortly after. Will post an update when this is resolved.

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Should be fixed now, please let me know if you are still experiencing issues.

It is working now. Thanks

Working now. Thanks…spared me a long weekend of moving devices.

Except for me, a scene by itself of more than 19 now works.

But, if I launch a routine that calls many scenes (scene1, scene2, scene3, etc ), and all those lights combined in the scenes aggregated total more than 19, I run into the exact same issue: error unexpected.

Routines do execute however, but error is reported in red.