Automations Not Working to Execute Scenes Any Longer

I noticed this morning that all of the scenes executed within automations were missing. I tried to add them back in but got the following message: “Scenes that conflict with other scenes you’ve selected aren’t available”.

So - I deleted all of my automations (they are pretty simple so I figured I would just recreate them to ensure there weren’t any “ghost” things happening in my automations).

For example: I want to automate “good morning” just like we used to have in the classic app, so I have a “good morning” scene that turns on/off all of my devices (including virtual switches for Ecobee and SHM) and I want that to execute when the following conditions are met:

As you can see there are no other scenes currently selected. But when I try to select a scene, they are “greyed” out and I get the following message:

Therefore - I am unable to automate the execution of any scenes within SmartThings right now.

Does anyone have any idea, or was something changed?

I’ve run into this before. Are you changing the location mode within the scene(s)? I have nearly an identical automation for morning. Originally, I was changing the location mode to Home within the scene and was getting the same issue unless I first removed it from the “If” first, added the scene and then went back to add the Location Mode to the If condition. My solution was to pull the Location Mode change into the automation itself and only change the switch stated in the Scene. I did the same with the STHM state also. That should keep them from being greyed out.