Scene Fails to Run

I have a scene set up with many light switches on it. When I run the scene in the new app it says “-scene name- ran but some devices didn’t work”. None of the devices turn off with the scene. In the old app, the scene would run but 1 or 2 lights would not turn off. I would turn them off individually on the app. How do I get the scene to run? At least partially like the old app? I have deleted and reinstalled the scene.

The “many” might be the issue here. When you’re trying to get a single command to work on a large number of devices it does seem common that some don’t get the cue. Have you tried integrating all those lights into a lighting group and using the group in your scene? (That’s a recent addition to the new app.)


Did you find a solution? Running into the same issue when trying to create an “all off” scene. 70+ devices in the scene and I have no idea what’s causing the issue.

I run the older app and it works on that one. The all off does not work on the new app. When one device doesn’t “link” it kills the whole process. This does not happen on the older app.

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