Scene issue

All of a sudden many of my Scenes are showing an exclamation point when they run. Haven’t made any changes. What’s up with that? I rely on my scenes as quick access through the widget. Some of the scenes actually seem to run, even with the ! Thanks. .


I have also seen it I’m on iOS some have it some do not.

Not much more to show than this. Each scene controls a virtual switch. One runs, the other does not.

Mine worked fine for months until yesterday.

Mine started a while ago, I don’t manually use scenes very often, so I just shrugged it off as the scene did activate.

I’m using Android and I’ve seen this exclamation points for a long time. I think it is because at least one device is not responding. I have my Samsung tv part of the scene that turns all devices off. If tv is already off then ST thinks it is not responding and gives an “error”. That scene gives me error message every time.

Is the virtual switch using Edge or non-Edge drivers?

I think both scenes run virtual switches that use identical non Edge drivers.

It’s happening to at least 5 of my 6 scenes. One of the scenes controls a few lights. I’ve confirmed I can manually turn each on and off.

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For the scene that is not working, try creating a new virtual switch using CLI or one of the custom Edge drivers and test. :slight_smile:

It’s also doing it with non virtual devices (actual switches - non edge drivers). Does this mean all of my non edge devices are now obsolete to continue to work with this system?

Lol, I just recreated the Scene without any change to the devices or drivers, and the new one works.

Seems my existing scenes might be corrupt in some way.

However I’ve recreated a couple of others which have multiple devices and they are controlling just fine but producing the red !

Typical Smartthings crap.

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Folks, it’s just getting worse with this system and app.

Support just told me, after four days of review, that my issue was related to the app not making a connection, preventing the Scenes from running.

I call bullshit because the issue presents whether the app is open for 1 second, 30 seconds, or multiple minutes.

If it takes that long to make a connection, which, hell, it just might considering how speedy the iOS app is for control of everything else… the problems just keep getting worse.

So fed up with Smartthings and the iOS app.