K. Location is failing on IPhone

With this last update to SmartThings App I’ve been noticing that the location is failing to see us it was working fine before this update. Now here is the interesting thing it runs the Goodbye routine fine lights out, door locks changes to away mode it just the I’m Back it doesn’t run I keep SmartThings App running in the background all the time for this reason BUT as soon as I look at my iPhone it still shows away then it updates the App and now we’re home BUT by that time I’ve already put in the code to unlock the door. Aggravating. Anybody have any issues after SmartThings App update. One other thing I’ve noticed to that make me wonder is when I run certain scenes I get an exclamation point and others I get a check mark what does the exclamation point mean because some scenes are just a simple light turn on or off.

Look at the thread below and see if any of the suggestions help.

Well I deleted all routines and started over deleted all the scenes and just running routines so far so good. Testing to make sure that it’s working right. Originally I had routines run then they would run a scenes and back to routine. Try a simpler method.

While I have you online I looked at the link you gave me. Without going to far into detail what exactly is these edge drivers and stuff I looked at it and none these drivers made sense to me it was like driver for LAN and driver for soso and I can’t make heads or tail of what they’re for.

For sonos, you can continue using the official integration from ST. That’s my recommendation at this time.

For the Edge Driver for LAN, you should post any questions in that thread and the community developer can answer all your questions. Tagging @TAustin