Samsung WF7500 series washer/dryer on smartthings

i’m having trouble connecting the washer/dryer to smartthings app. it will find them, but never connects. i have my hub on the 5ghz band and i know that the W/D only connects at 2.4ghz. do i have to reset my hub to 2.4 to be able to connect W/D? i have them connected to the smart home app, but a no go on smartthings. thanks

Hi @ronmexico,

Have you emailed SmartThings support yet? They’re at

yes, no response as of yet. just wondering if being on 5ghz band makes a differnece? thanks

The ST hub doesn’t have wifi, so that can’t be it. If you’re wifi router is only broadcasting on 5 ghz, that could definitely be a problem.

Router has both bands, but when I set up the hub, it was on the 5ghz band, not 2.4. Does that matter or does it pick up whichever is strongest? Being that the washer will only work on 2.4, that’s why I’m wondering if I have to set everything up off the 2.4 band. I’m really new to all this, so any input is appreciated. I hope all this makes sense. Thanks

Here is the update from Samsung. My washer/dryer, even though they are the newest models, are not compatible with ST. It works in the smart home app, so i guess i have that. lol Thanks for the help.

I just bought the WF45K6500AV (slightly smaller) and shows supported, but I can’t believe that I have to buy an adapter for something that they advertise in the store. Even the salespeople didn’t know that you have to purchase the dongle for $24.99. It shows that the WF50K7500AV is also supported. I’ll know more when the washer/dryer actually show up.

So, I received my washer (dryer on backorder) and my adapters from Samsung. The adapters showed on backorder with shipping in 3-4 weeks, but I got em in about 10 days.

The Samsung Smart Home app is horrible, but needed to connect the devices to the network. Then adding the washer to smartthings worked great. I can now see remaining time from the smartthings app, and get notifications when the cycle is done. Exactly what I wanted. I’m sure I can “have it start my wash after I leave for work”, but that’s not really me. I just don’t want to set an alarm to know when it’s time to change loads.

So, in short, the 6500 washers work great with smartthinngs, so I have no doubt that the 7500 would be fine as well.

Where did you get the dongles from? When I bought my Samsung Washer & Dryer (from Lowes) they said the dongles weren’t available and didn’t know why it was part of the units. I looked everywhere online but couldn’t find the right dongles. Would really appreciate a link to order them - I’ll gladly pay $24.99 each for them!

They showed back ordered when I needed them, but came with 2 weeks.

They are not as intuitive to use, and the smart home app leaves something to be desired, but for what I needed, they fit the bill.

THANKS! I got my washer and dryer back in March and I did a lot of looking for those. When I was looking Samsung did not have them in the accessory area for the washers and dryers. I just ordered 2.

I got them on samsungs website. 24.99 sounds about right. They still don’t work with the smartthings app yet as far as a month ago.

I’ve had mine running smartthings since I got them the first week of August.

Great news. Have to get mine connected. Thanks

I ordered my adapters on Tuesday - they got delivered yesterday! Apparently the backorder issues have been resolved.

I did have some trouble getting them setup. Originally the washer setup fine and I started a load of wash - before I added the washer to ST. I then setup the dryer, added it to ST and tested it. Then went out to mow the lawn. Came back in, the washer was done, moved clothes to dryer and started from ST app. I checked iPhone and there was a notificaiton from Smart Home that the washer had finished while I was mowing. When I went to add the washer to the ST app, the “Smart Control” would not activate on the washer - Smart Home couldn’t find the washer, neither could ST while doing the setup. I removed the washer from Smart Home, set it up again. The Smart Control would show active on the screen, but when I powered off the washer to finish setup, it would not activate again when I turned the washer back on - same issues, Smart Home would say it was not connect, ST would not find it. After multiple tries or removing the washer from Smart Home and setting it up again, it just kept doing the same thing. So I gave up and called Samsung support. While on hold, I decided to remove both the washer and dryer from Smart Home, then swap the adapter. That worked, both now setup in Smart Home and SmartThings and still working as of this morning.

Are there any automation apps out yet for these washer and dryers? I can control everything manually from my iPhone - which is cool - but I was hoping for some actual automation.

Specifically since my dryer (DV45K6200E) does not have a delayed start function, I was really hoping to at least be able to load it up, then through ST tell it not to start until ST Mode changed to NIGHT. Or at a bare minimum, I was hoping the Smart Home app would have a delayed start function on it.

I am on a Dynamic Pricing Plan with my Electric Utility - the price I pay for electricity varies depending on the time of day. I use ST to make sure my electricity usage is at a minimum during peak hours (3pm - 7pm). The price I pay between 11pm - 7am is less than half of the standard daytime price, and about 1/4 of the peak price. Since my dryer is the major electricity hog in my house, I’d really like to be able to get some automation going and have the dryer run during those overnight hours.

Can anyone tell me if the integration includes the ability to trigger something when the washer starts a cycle? I’m looking to trigger an electric water valve that should only be on when the washer needs water. I’m waiting for the washer and dryer to be installed but don’t want to buy the dongle if it doesn’t include this feature for me.

I have a 7500 series washer and 6500 series dryer. I can get both appliances connected through the Samsung Smart Home app (on my wife’s iPhone because the Android app is completely broken at the moment). But when I try and add either appliance to SmartThings, they won’t connect.
On Android, I go to connect now and it finds the appliance, but just keeps searching and refreshing the page for a few minutes. I can’t do anything. Eventually it boots me back out to the Marketplace page.
On my wife’s iPhone, I get to the same screen and the exact same thing happens, unless I tap on the appliance it found. But all it does then is sit there and never moves past that screen.
I’m frustrated that the Samsung Smart Home app is busted on Android (and has been for at least the last month according to the reviews on the Play Store.) If I could at least get everything set up through SmartThings it would be nice.

I have had the same bad experience. I tried contacting support and they did respond but nothing worked. I’ll try again when I have some free time.

So Samsung updated their Android app so I can connect my washer/dryer to my phone now. So I’m much less frustrated than I was before.

Does anyone know what the status is on hooking these appliances into SmartThings? I still can’t get anything added to my SmartThings hub. Who is responsible for fixing that integration? The Smart Home team? SmartThings?

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