Connecting Samsung Washer/Dryer to Smart Things App?

Hey ST Forum,

New here and need a bit of help/advice. I have an older Samsung Washer and Dryer setup with the LCD screen (WF457argsgr/aa - washer) and (DV457evgsgr/aa - dryer) and I’m trying to connect them to the SmartThings app. They are connected to my wireless network and connect just fine to the old Samsung Smart Washer App and I was also able to successfully connect them to the “now retired” Samsung Home App, but it tells me everytime that the app is no-longer supported and to use SmartThings. Now, I cannot get the SmartThings app to connect to either the washer or the dryer as it says they are offline even though they are connected to the same WIFI AP and the Smart Control option is selected on the Washer and Dryer LCD. When I remove them from the Smart Home app I cannot add them using just Smart Things as it won’t find them, but when I add them using Smart Home they pop up in my list for Smart Things, but just won’t connect. Any help or advise here is greatly appreciated as I’d rather use the Smart Things app and dump the old Smart Washer App?


I have a washer/dryer as well on the ST app, but I can’t recall the models offhand right now. Samsung’s documentation wasn’t the greatest in helping debug this either.

What I did was make sure to reset everything wifi/connectivity related on the appliances. Powered down and back up again afterwards. Then when going through the connection process again, I literally placed my phone on the washer to make sure the phone-to-washer connection was stable. It took a while for all that to take place if I recall. I also made sure NOT to use my 5G wifi SSID for the appliances. I also made sure my phone wasn’t using my 5G SSID either.

It was not fun connecting them, but I got there eventually. They’ve been stable ever since.

Thank you and I’ve tried everything I can think of but it just won’t connect to the ST App. Only way to connect them is thru the SH app, but it won’t let me do anything as when I click on the devices it just says the SH app is no longer supported and to use the ST app? Samsung integration is so frustrating!!!

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@smartthings_partner , any chance one of you guys can help?

I have some issues recently with my washer as well. It shows up in SmartThings and sends me notification when the program is over, or the drum has to be cleaned. It even shows on the tile the remaining time, but when I select the device I cannot control it.
It was a pain when I had to connect to the new ST app. Had to reset it , and go along the painful pairing process. 5GHz wifi network off, and being next to the machine with the phone. You should select in the app, add device, Samsung as brand and washer. It will tell you how to pair. It takes multiple tries…

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New here , I have a problem with SmartThings and my washing machine (Model:WW80M642OBW/ET) ON MY iPhone Xs Max, I use to get notification when it is ready but not eny more as the settings is all ok ! can some one help please ?

any one please ?

Try to pair the washing machine again. I haven’t got any better advice.

@smartthings_partner, any chance that someone could look at this? I have recently issue with the washer integration, what used to be working without any major issue. And this integration is entirely Samsung owned, so noone else to contact.

The washer is connected to the cloud and sends updates. On the dashboard tile it is visible how long is the actual program running, etc, but once the details view opened the washer is disconnected or powered off, no features are visible and cannot be controlled.
I cannot even get the energy usage of the washer as nothing updates there.

Could you please advise why the details view is not working at all for a cloud connected device?

Hey Dave,

I have the same LCD washer and dryer. I managed to get mine to connect to SmartThings by disabling the 5ghz band and using the 2.4ghz. I made sure both my iPhone 12 and washer/dryer were on the same network. I also put my phone in airplane mode. Like many others said, it took a while to get them connected but in the end I was able to. I can’t control the devices in SmartThings at all, it only tells me when the cycles are completed.