Samsung Home Issues Recently?

Hey everyone. I’ve been using my SmartThings hub to get notifications for my Samsung Washer/Dryer for about 6 months now. It’s been working fine until Saturday morning when it just plum stopped working. I’ve done all your standard repair things on my end (off/on, remove/readd from SmartThings, start from scratch, take the wifi out of one, into the other and start from scratch again), nothing has worked.

So I’m curious if anyone else is having these issues with their Samsung Home W/D integration or is it just me? I’ve sent in a message to support but if my last couple reachouts to them have been any indication, I’ll get some fool that didn’t even read my message asking me to turn it off and on again.

I’m having issues with my Samsung 7500 Washer/Dryer in SmartThings too. When I contacted support (which I’ve done many times and this is just the LATEST), they let me know that it wasn’t officially supported. Also, I was told they are working to integrate ST and Connect more, so they took it down while they work to have a smoother experience. When I asked about timing, they couldn’t say. Each time I reach out to support, I get smart, nice people who try their best to help, but nothing is working!

I’ve rebooted, added and readded the W/D to both Samsung Home and SmartThings. Sometimes it’ll connect, but most of the time, SmartThings is unable to connect to both the W/D. Or if it’s connected, when you try to go into the panel in SmartThings (like click on Washer to see what it’s doing), it’ll just spin and spin and then get a “connection end” error.

This is super frustrating to have a brand new Samsung product, even purchased the ridiculously overpriced dongles, and STILL not be able to connect with SmartThings. Samsung to Samsung should be the most seamless integration. Instead, it’s this hot mess of a headache.