Laundry Monitor - Samsung Washer/Dryer (Smarthome)

I have recently purchased a washer (WA54M8750) and dryer (DVE(G)54M8750) set from Samsung. I am a longtime Smartthings user and was pleased to find that the washer and dryer my wife and I picked, are wifi compatible. I was even happier to see that there was some possible integration with Smartthings.

Brings me to 2 questions.

  1. Has anyone created a version of the popular Laundry Monitor Smartapp that I have seen, to work with the Samsung appliances? I have searched and not found anything to date.

  2. Does anyone have any experience with integrating these appliances with Smartthings? I am able to see if they are running on the iPhone app, however the rest of the information is not available. I assume that this is a device handler issue but it doesn’t see that I can edit that device handler. When I login to ide, I am able to see all the information - most importantly the ‘time remaining’ for the current cycle. Would love to see that on the tile in the app.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction would be great. I have limited experience with groovy or creating Smarttings apps, etc. But I am willing to be a guinea pig and give things a try.


Follow-up to my original post. Very little information circulating around, except that some people are pretty disappointed with the integration.

An update on a simple few steps that I have tried which lead nowhere. There are times when a device paired with one app (in this case Smarthome from Samsung) won’t pair well with another app (in this case Smartthings). So I tired to remove them from Smarthome and then pair them only with Smartthings. No luck.

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