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I would like to know this as well. @Benji

Don’t quote me or Tyler as it’s entirely possible these things might change but:

Any updates on this situation @Tyler?

EDIT: US only, according to compatibility page in the support article… Not sure if anyone noticed but the marketplace now has Samsung TV under Samsung Products. I was able to get my 2016 model as a device and allow Alexa to turn it off and on. I have been able to use CoRE to send notification messages to it which shows on the upper notification bar on the tv.


Nice Discovery, no luck for me. What model do you have? I have a 2016 UHD…

Found this…

Press the Home button on your TV remote
Select Settings in the bottom left
Navigate to Support
Select Contact Samsung
Under Product information, look for the 14-character Model Code. If the 4th and 5th characters in the code are “KU” or “KS” followed by the number “6” or above, then your Samsung TV is compatible and can be connected to your SmartThings Hub as a Thing!

Model # of the TV is UN55KS8000FXZA, which would fit the group you described. Guess I got lucky picking it out.

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Nice find working well here.

Man, got the short stick JS8500 :blush:

I checked this 2 months ago and it wasn’t there. I got my UN65KS8500 connected to ST in 2 min. It automatically adds the “Movie Time” routine and sets the TV to turn off with “Goodbye!” and on with “I’m Back!”. It also adds functionality to change TV picture modes with different routines.

This only works w/ Smart Hub V2, it is not support on Smart Hubs V1. I have V1, I’ve been running for over 2 years now, and i have the v2 i got in the 1st release w/ the deal but i haven’t set it up, because i’m waiting for the migration tool that is coming in Dec of 2016.

Can anyone tell me how good the control is of the TV? I have a Harmony Hub I used to control my Samsung TV, is this integration better?

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Thanks for sharing. It connected my UN65KS8000 TV fairly easily and nice addition to ST.

It’s sort of like playing Russian Roulette looking at all the models and the marketing of integration. Just like how I ran across the new listing in the Marketplace - accidental fat finger push looking for something else.

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Works great! Huge thanks!

Yup, exactly how I feel. I thought J series with higher number than a lower K series is better. Well it is, from a TV perspective but not from ST integration standpoint. Oops.

Hey @Tyler am I just out of luck? Or is there a slightly slight chance that J series could be included?

My 60KS8000 was added smoothly…thanks for the heads up. Still waiting for the “extend” , maybe someday

How did you use core to send a notification?

The TV is under the Control Any Device section at the bottom, then under Notification Devices. Here are some examples I was playing around with.



I have a UN65KU6300. I can’t seem to get ST to discover the TV. The TV and Hub are on the same network. Anyone have any ideas?

By the model # is should be good according to the support article in the marketplace. At one point, I deleted the TV as a device. I could not find it again using the marketplace search for the TV until i physically unpluged the Tv and pluged it back in to “hard boot” it. After that, it found it again.

Are you using the marketplace->samsung products->samsung smart tv to add it? It did not come up during the typical “+ Thing” procedure. The support article in the marketplace has a step by step in it.

I did this today. It added a “movie time” tile in automations routines and also added the Tv to all of the default routines. All of which I did not want. Especially changing the picture mode. So when you add the TV make sure to go through the automations and remove it from what you don’t want to avoid surprises.

I was also able to add the TV control by Google Home. So far I can tell google to turn the TV ON and OFF. It sees it as a on/off outlet. Has anyone had luck with telling it to change volume or change the channel?

My tv: 65KS8500

Has any one had issues getting past the accept part from the tv notification? I just bought the ST hub from best buy. My ST app finds the tv, starts the linking process and then gets stuck in the approval step. My tv kept asking me to approve the link.