SmartTV Integration - LG?

Has anyone played with integrating with the newer LG TV’s? Looking at buying a 55in 4K LG this weekend (possibly LG at least) and am curious to see what people have been able to make it do…


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There was some talk of a Samsung Smart TV App at CES. But I have heard nothing since.

The issue with most smart TVs is that smart things does not support the use of websockets, so even though you’re on the same LAN, it’s hard to talk to the TV.

Different community members have done different “man in the middle” set ups to work around this, usually using a raspberry pi. All a lot of work. Here’s a topic on the Samsung TV which discusses some options:

Also note that some smart TVs, including, I believe, all Samsung models, don’t maintain Wi-Fi connection when they’re turned off. So you have to use an IR command to turn it on. I don’t know about LG, but it’s something to check into.

Some people have used the generic DNLA renderer smart app to control smart TV speakers, but I don’t know how useful that is.