Samsung KS9500 TV: Need advice before I buy a SmartThings hub

I have a Samsung KS9500 and it looks like we won’t get the Smartthings extend.

If I buy a Smartthings hub will it work like on this video on my TV? or will the extend only work like that?

Thank you.

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No, it will not act like that with the external smarthings hub. You only get simple TV controls such as on/off, volume, and picture mode. I do recommend getting a smarthings hub and start integrating your devices, lights, door/window sensors. It’s fun. I too was waiting for the extender and I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

Currently I have my bedroom 55ks8000 to turn on at 7am each weekday as part of my good morning routine. I leave the directv box powered on. I don’t have a Harmony hub in the bedroom. I have a harmony hub in the family room and theater but haven’t gotten around to adding a third harmony hub yet.


Thank you so much.

I think I will either send the TV back or get in touch with Samsung UK head office to see what’s going on.

As for controlling your TV have you tried Anymote app? You can control the TV via Alexa to do anything your remote can do.

Just now noticed this is in the UK postings… I am in the US.

I have heard of anymote and tried it but didn’t like the fact of using an android phone with IR to control it. What I actually using is some custom code from the below tutorials to control my directv boxes with Alexa directly without a Harmony hub. I use smartthings to turn on/off the tv. My bedroom setup is small and not a lot of devices, directv and an xbox s. My other rooms have benefited from a harmony hub. The below solutions are for Directv and not sure what you use for your provider.

Thank you. I will watch them now.

The reason I bought this TV is because I’m disabled and can’t move very much.
By watching the Samsung videos you could see notifications on the TV.

I’m now talking to Samsung UK about being miss sold this product.

I got the Smartthings kit and connected it up. I’ve added my Samsung TV, but I can’t get notifications on the TV.

I’ve read here that people have but I don’t see any options to do this. Is there anyway for us Brits to get on screen notifications?


This is the post that got things working. But I don’t have the options.

Are you using CoRE or WebCoRE? Those are the programs/smart apps that can send notifications to the tv. If you are, I can point you in the right direction if it is an option there. I am not sure if the integration is the same on the US side due to different laws and regulations.

Thank you for the help.

I’m only using the smartthings mobile app.
I know nothing about core or website sorry
The link I posted showed what the notifications looked like on their tv.

I really need this option but can’t find away to do it. In the UK smartthings pop ups are allowed.

Thanks again

I got CoRE installed now.

What should I do next?

Thank you.

Once you get use to the program (look through the core Wiki and forum section) take a look at this link that was in your link above. It will tell you where the notifications should be in the CoRE porgram and examples of a core pistion. Hopefully it is available over there and not restricted on the TV. The trigger(s) can be anything you have in your ST system.

Core Wiki:

Thank you very much. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do this weekend :slight_smile:

Once you get the gist of it, it is fairly easy. I started with one piston with all my notifications for the tv. When I switched over to WebCoRE, I placed the notifications throughout other pistions.
Basically create the piston, select a trigger (door sensor x opens), select the TV and input the text you would like to see when the trigger happens.
The hardest part for me for CoRE was figuring out that in the comparison section, the ones with a solid filled in circles are the triggers. Finding where the TV notification is buried in the actions: When true do>Action #1>all the way at the bottom is Control any device, then choose Select Notification Devices. Select devicenotification (items with house like symbol infront are made availalbe by a device handler), select string for the 1st parameter type and finally enter what you want to say on the TV as the value (see image 2 in the forum link above).

Thanks once again dude.

I tried all weekend but never got pop ups on my TV. Looks like more reading for me :slight_smile:

Try a simple piston like door x opens turn on z light. Once that is working, switch out the light portion with the tv notification. If that doesn’t work, there may be a difference in the TV hardware or firmware. I haven’t heard if anyone on that side of the pond has it working. Good luck with it.

Thank you for your help. J_B_1 has told me what he done.
But have the same results as him. It worked once but never again.

I’m now hoping that a tizen Smartthings app will come to the UK…but I don’t think it will.

Looks like Samsung screwed us over about the Smartthings Extend.
Back to LG next year.