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Has anyone been able to successfully integrate any of the newer Samsung Smart TVs with SmartThings ? Is it coming or is it going to be possible? What models will or won’t work? i’m trying to decide if it is worth paying a little extra for a Samsung TV to allow for future integration.


Sounds like it is coming but there are no details as to what models will or will not support it. I’m hoping the one I bought last year will be supported!

Not sure around Smart TVs, but I think the best option for this would be to integrate it with Harmony.

What kind of integration are you hoping for?

I looked at this thread…

But, I wasn’t able to get the smart app to work.

Where’s the down vote button…, Sorry dude, but the Harmony integration at its best is not a thing to behold in wonderment…


Just putting some options out there, haven’t personally used the ST integration per se - I’ve got Harmony hooked up to ST but run scenes via Tasker for the moment.

I originally started down the path of controlling my 2011 Samsung TV over ExLink (RS232/Serial) by running a small python web server on my HTPC connected to my TV. The 2011 series Samsung TVs had decent TCP/IP support except for Power On which is why I went down the ExLink route. (here’s the python library I wrote)

I ended up breaking my Harmony One partially through the project and replaced it with a newer Harmony remote with home automation capabilities (eg. integration with SmartThings).

I don’t really use the integration from SmartThings to Harmony and as you might have seen in other threads apparently it isn’t working for many people right now. I primarily just use it to shut down the home theater system if I forget to turn it off at night and I usually just pop open the Harmony app for that.

Flips from porn channel to discovery channel when motion detected outside the room.

giggity giggity goo


I was hoping to be able to switch inputs (movie mode) turn on lights, and switch inputs for the TV, turn it on and off. I use a mini-motes and if I can integrate and trigger something on the tv that would be very helpful.

Those are the initial ideas that I had for it.

I use the Roco app on my iPhone for a samsung tv remote, and it works great.

just chatted with Samsung TV tech he said Only 2016 uhd and suhd tvs will work with STand it will act as a hub

That’s the key, yes only the 2016 SUHD TVs will work with ST and act as a hub. 2016 NON-SUHD will apparently work with ST but won’t have a built in hub.

There is also word that the 2015’s may work with ST (but no hub) as well.

Where did you hear this? That would be great!

I saw this on a news post as well.

I have a 2015 model, but I have a harmony hub attached already, so I am wondering what connecting this tv will do for me that I can’t already do with my Harmony?

I would really like to see a ticker bar pop up while tv is on certain smartthings activity.
I would also like the ability to turn on the tv when someone knocks on the door to provide video image of who is there.
Maybe a picture in picture option when watching tv to see who is at the door.

@joshua_lyon : As a new user of Sharp Tools (for the Wi-Fi Near presence detection for me and the wife), I wonder… does your Fire TV tool allow ST control of a Samsung TV?

SharpTools for Amazon Fire TV provides control of your SmartThings devices. So if your Samsung TV can be controlled by SmartThings, you can control it with SharpTools.

Edit: And for reference, SharpTools for Android devices (phone/tablet) has support for Harmony devices – both in Tasker as well as in the remote control UI.

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I would like to k[quote=“zj4x4, post:14, topic:10205, full:true”]

Where did you hear this? That would be great!

I would like to know this as well. @Benji