TV is not supported with SmartThings

Hi all,

I’m pretty new here. I just purchased a SmartThings starter kit mainly for the security features that came with it. I attempted to connect my Samsung STV to it but unfortunately it’s not supported (model - UE58MU6120). Is there anything I can do or any add ins I can buy to somehow connect my TV or is it a no go? I’m also using an Amazon Echo which I’ve paired to ST.

Thanks in advance


Look into the Harmony Hub. it’s a smart remote system that allows you to unify all of your TV/Entertainment remote controls into one and it also supports some Home Automation activities.

I personally went with the Harmony Hub Companion. My TV is from 2006, but I can use the Echo to Turn On/Off the TV or the Roku for that matter. Adjust volume and change channels.

I’m very happy with it. Bonus is that it works mainly on Radio waves, so you don’t even need to point it at the TV for it to work when you are using the companion remote. It also came with a mini-IR blaster to get my old TV to integrate.

All in all a nice setup and it shows up in ST as a “thing” and I can even program it with webCoRE routines.

or just buy a smart plug to turn on or off.
ST is supposly working to bring back TV

Check this link, it shows 6000 series as being compatible.