Samsung tv has lost Smartthings connection ( Resolved 17/05/18 )


I think Tyler may have retired :wink: what beta program are you referring to? Invites for the account migration went out weeks ago.

Fww I have migrated my ST account to a Samsung account and my TV still does not connect.

(terence peace) #42

Yes the TV support UK was on about the migration .
So wtf is going on? My ST and TV account have the same email.
I just don’t know where to go next!

(Mike) #43

Nah i give up now, we have resorted to what people must have done in the 1800’s… use the remote for on off… very embarrasing


Im guessing if we do see a fix it will be though the new ST cloud API, based on the bits of info from ST and Samsung support.

When I did the account migration a bogus second hub location was created, it had no devices except for my samsung TV. I ignorantly deleted it because I wanted to delete the location (still cant delete it) but before I did that I noticed the layout of the device was completely different than before, there were more buttons/settings available so this makes me think that was a glimpse of the new DTH and integration.

(Mike) #45

I did have what i assume was the new tv gui working when all this started going wonky. Prefered the old one tbh, the samsung connect app even updated to the new gui when the tv was selected in the connect app. Now thats gone totally and there is no gui in connect and as we all know st

(terence peace) #46

I can’t move, so if the remote falls out of reach I’m done for. That’s why I bought in to ST\Samsung echo system.

So ST\Samsung TV support don’t know their ass from their elbow.

(Jeffrey) #47

Ha I did the same stupid thing and now can’t add anything to anything with regards to TV - awesome


And yet still no response from anyone at smartthings

(Jeffrey) #49

I’d say there has been a response. Basically said there is some work going into a new way to make it work but i wouldn’t count on that anytime soon.

Frankly I would be surprised if I ever get my TV working again. It’s a K series and will be long forgotten by the time this gets fixed.

Heck even in the connect App it only lists “M” TVs now.

(Mike) #50

See bottom of this post

Ummm… my Tv has appeared at the top of my devices list in st ? No installation or interaction by me

Thank you ST much appreciated

When typing the above i was un able to test if it worked, it was just there
On testing …Nope it no worky sadly

I opened st to turn down some lights and there it is !!
i refuse to delete it as its just nice to to see it there tbh

Ok i think i know where the st integration came from, samsung connect integration as the tv now appears in there with a new gui

Still does not work but its progress 🖒 there is a downloadable firmware update from samsungs website but its probably prudent to not update that right now and the tv still cant find updates from its own request in settings

Oooo. Actually testing a bit more from the connect app, the tv now works from my phone and the new UI has many improvements and very nice options, its actually very very good . On off is slow but working and the UI even shows channel info, nice😁

And now… drum roll please… St now works my Tv :sunglasses: yayyyy maybe i just happened to use the apps as the updates were being pushed but all is well again in tv st land :grinning:
Any chance we could get some of those connect fancy bits in the st UI !
runs and hides :clown_face:

If the dogs hadnt woke me up so early i would have missed all the fun…
cmon everyone wake up… quick, its working :slight_smile:
meh needs a bit of tweeking as it can be a bit laggy to respond to on/off, looks like the connect on off button touch sensativity is set to more of a keep finger on it rather than just simple quick touch but that could be to avoid accidental usage

buga… you should have seen it though…it did work honest…seems to have gone wonky again <— Tech term

(Jim) #51


What version of the TV Firmware is this with?
I am assuming it is using the OCF Device Type now.
Does it work with Alexa?
When you say it has gone wonky again, broken completely or works infrequently/.

Sorry for all the questions, I have been keeping an eye on this thread to see when or if a fix comes through from Samsung. Sounds like it is still work in progress.

(Mike) #52

That’s fine Jim, I thought Wonky was accurate and meaningfull :grin: but for more accuracy, my firmware is included in the screencap above, it is 1203.6 and there is a newer version on the Samsung website

Correct on OCF, i checked the IDE and my Tv is using the Samsung Tv OCF dth

Does it work with Alexa
It is listed in Alexa HA but fails to work via voice or touch on off

As of this post it is working in ST and Samsung connect with on off, volume and chanel selection

Only time will tell if this is a fix that is staying, we all like our tv’s in ST but mainly we want Echo integration back

Is it reliable right now… no, i just turned the tv off with ST but it will not turn on, clearly some adjustments need to be done between st and connect

(Mike) #53

I wont add to the post above as people watching wont see this … Amazon Echo now works with my Tv, only on off but as this was posted it was working

(terence peace) #54

I’ve been talking to a great guy(AntS) on the Samsung forum, and told me this

“The successful steps they followed is to pair the TV with Samsung Connect first, which then exports into SmartThings. They’ve emphasised that Samsung Connect must use the same Samsung Account as that used for SmartThings.”

Samsung connect sees my TV but doesn’t tell ST.
Well both my ST\Samsung TV are both on the same email. So wtf am I to do now?

(terence peace) #55

So the TV side say it’s not them. So I’ve sent a email to ST support UK…

(Isriam) #56

i also solved this problem.

download samsung connect, add tv via bluetooth. can change channels and whatnot. log out of smartthings app, log back in with your samsung login. it then shows the tv and nothing else. i migrated all my smartthings apps and devices over to my samsung account, moved my hub, and now i have my tv there. it doesn’t work great, i can’t power it on, but i can power it off. i assume samsung is working on something in the background and forcing us to samsung accounts?

(Mike) #57

just a small update on mine, if the tv has been off for a few hours turning on with smartthings or even connect just fails, however if i switch on with tv remote control then st and connect work fine with there various Tv options inc on/off

Somewhere along the line this new OCF method seems to forget about integration if the device has not been seen for a while…ie off state

(terence peace) #58

I done what ST UK support told me to do to try and get it working but it doesn’t work.

I reset my hub 2 then go to Samsung connect on my phone, then try to add the hub but all it says back is
"please sign in to your Samsung account" WTF is going on ST?

Oh and support say they can’t merge ST and Samsung accounts even though they have the same email address.

F***ing crap of ST.

(Isriam) #59

if you google python samsungctl with new tv’s you can turn them on if they are off. i don’t know why ST is so far behind the curve on this.

(terence peace) #60

Anyone got this working yet?