Samsung tv has lost Smartthings connection ( Resolved 17/05/18 )

(Mike) #61

Yes and no 10p. Its hit and miss. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Usually after an extended period of off state the tv fails to switch on via st, connect or echo

(terence peace) #62

I’ve been working with some one in the UK support for a week.
My Hub can’t see my Samsung TV no matter what I try.
The samsung connect app can…which is not what I need.

(Bob) #63

I don’t integrate my TV and haven’t really been following this thread, but is this what you guys who are having problems need.
Just putting this on here for info.

(Jeffrey) #64

I am in the migration beta and cant get the tv in either app. Completely useless now

(terence peace) #65

So it is a bug in the latest firmware that did it. @nastevens

(Mike) #66

its an odd one… i can see it in everything, its not 100% reliable though, and it added itself to ST, i had removed it when it stopped, my Tv just appeared in St on its own ?? which … thinking about it was probably triggered by Samsung connect finding it

(Sergio Ferreira) #67

Hi all.
I am so confused…

So now I can see my devices via Samsung Connect account…but they are not in my Smartthings Hub…
They are 2 different ecosystems…

So we need to wait for Samsung to merge the accounts (if ever)?
This is so bad!!!


(terence peace) #68

Two weeks dealing with Samsung TV and SmartThings support.
But as yet no fix. Noone will tell me who is supposed to fix this mess.

(terence peace) #69

Found out by a Smartthings member of staff here, that’s it’s a ST and Samsung tv dept that are looking in to it.

(terence peace) #70

Well it looks like Samsung has dropped the 2016 KS TVs.
There is no HLG support for BBC. The firmware update breaks the ST Hub support.

No wonder Samsung has gone from 53% market share to 14% this year. Time to sell and move on I think.

(Sergio Ferreira) #71

the 2017 TVs don’t work either…could not be worse

(terence peace) #72

It’s been nearly 2 months since the rubbish updates by Samsung TV and Samsung smartthings.
And not a clear answer from any of them if or when it will be fixed.


It sounds like they have moved functionality over to the connect app. I bet there are no plans to make this work with the ST app again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ST app is replaced by the connect app eventually :frowning:

(terence peace) #74

I think so as well. Which is a bit stupid as WebCore worked with my TV. Now it won’t.
Also the connect app is supposed to be able to show it devices on the Alex app.
But the connect app tells me to update my TV firmware for it to show in connect! bloody stupid idea.

(Brad) #75

ST/Samsung are actively working to restore functionality in the ST app.


Thanks that’s good to hear!

(Mike) #77

Would love to know if the eventual working st version of the connect tv controller will have the same options and functionally

My connect Tv controller 1.0.0.-251 is a pretty good piece of software that is fully functional and feature packed, if the st version is anything as good it will be worth the wait

(terence peace) #78

Right then.

I called Samsung TV UK support 5 times yesterday. With on call lasting 1h 38m :frowning:

Every single one of them reset my TV for what reason I don’t know.
But at the end of each call I talk to a supervisor who said “It’s a ST problem not the TV side” And told me he would put me through to them.

I hanged on for 10 mins and he came back with "sorry you can’t talk to ST support UK, you will have to email them"
I did tell him I have emailed them and they said it’s not them but could be both at fault.
then called the UK based TV support who also said it was a ST problem.

And he could find no info of any team working on a fix.

Just WTF is going on?

(Sergio Ferreira) #79

Maybe this will help

I can see and control the TV using Samsung Connect app…

(Stephen Johnson) #80

Saw this on my Google News feed this morning, not that it means anything. Leaving this issue lingering out there with conflicting and non-committal information is going to generate this kind of “reporting” which tarnishes the brand.