Samsung tv cannot be assigned to a room

I’ve seen a few posts about televisions no longer staying connected after they’ve been off for a few minutes. This happened to mine (Samsung a few years old).

I thought I’d try to delete it and reconnect.

When I reconnect I only get the option for it to be directly connected and therefore not assignable to a room. What’s changed? Any way that I can have it back how it was because I no longer seem to be able to add it to automations?

Let me guess…2016-17 model… Samsung intentionally crippled these TVs via firmware (most likely an attempt to coax us to buy a new TV) and as such there is no longer an official Smartthings integration for them outside the direct connected version which is completely and totally useless… Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but in the same boat with one of my TVs as well

weirdly, I also disconnected a much newer Samsung TV (last year’s model I think) and that also only reconnects now as a direct device so I guess I’m supposed to replace all the TVs every year :frowning_face:

Oh wow, I thought that is just friend’s and my problem. Both of us had Samsung TVs, we bought them almost a year ago and this winter it died. From now, I think now Samsung, I’m not that rich to buy a new tv from time to time.

I might try resetting my 2020 TV at some point to see if it’ll come back to proper smartthings integration as it seems crazy that they would have removed support so soon as this

Any 2020 model will still have the proper integration

Hey there! @stanleywinston, Thanks for reaching out for assistance.

Have you already tried these steps of Deleting the TV from Directly Connected Devices, logging out of your Samsung Account on the TV and then factory resetting the TV, logging in with your Samsung Account, accepting terms and attempting to add it to Smart Things once it has been detected or by model code?

Keep in mind that not all Smart features are available and vary by TV model, What is the model code of the TV that you’re having issues with?

I hope this message finds you well!


thanks, eventually this worked. the newer tv (2020 model) needed removing the account, resetting and then the tv prompted the smarttthings setup. The older TV gave no indication that it was going through the setup but then appeared in smartthings as room unassigned.
So all good again (although netflix no longer installs on the new tv and the old one had to have eveything installed from scratch)


may i ask what model # of the old TV… gives me hope of of my 2016 model…

UE49KS7500. i think it’s actually 2015! I can assign it to a room. do some basic controlling. It still goes offline when I turn it off though which it didn’t used to but that happened before these recent issues

Very interesting… I may try a reset on mine and see if I can get it out of this connected devices list. Thanks

Just a thought here, in the service menu check to see that WiFi or Network is enabled when TV is off. What this does is to keep the WIFI or network module powered even when TV is off I presume to conserve electricity…

Hey there! @stanleywinston, Thanks for confirming that your TV is now able to be assigned a room from using the troubleshooting steps above. Additionally, you can seek further support for your installing applications symptoms by requesting supports help remotely in the settings menu of your TV or you can call into 1-800-SAM-SUNG and we would be happy to address your concerns. Neflix specifically should come pre-installed on your TV as well as a quick-open button on most 2020 remote controllers.

@troy_owens, What is your model code for your TV? If you would give those troubleshooting steps a try as well and let me know if it resolves the symptom for your device and allows you to assign the TV to a room.

I have read post of the device going offline once turned off unable to be turned on by voice assistants. However, upon testing on a (2016 model) after a short interval reporting status returns allowing for the action to be done after a ‘Interval reset period of time’.

Does the TV appear back for control after waiting a short time after being turned off? Are you turning it off instantly and then attempting to turn it right back on instantly?

I hope this message finds you well!


Mine is a UN50KU6300… 2016 model. It hasn’t been available for a regular integration in over 2 years now… Only joins as direct connected devices… Though I haven’t yet tried a factory reset. It is also not listed under supported tvs in the app. Also does not turn on after any interval of time without the remote

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What steps did you take to get it in the app? Add device and scan now? Or other?

this is what I did for both TV initially:

  • Log out of samsung account
  • Reset (on the older tv this was buried in the menu somewhere, i initially selected a lesser type of reset that didn’t work)
  • Removed the TV from smartthings and forget it in bluetooth
    Once reset the newer TV came up with a prompt to add a device in smartthings. this did not work as it just set up the direct connect option so I reset again. This time I opened smartthings and waited. Eventually it popped up that it found the TV without me adding or searching.

With the older TV I must admit I got bored and walked away. I had left it scanning for a new device in smartthings and it was stuck at 0%. Later on I noticed that the TV was actually sitting as device with an unassigned room

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My newer Samsung actually does stay online when it’s switched off now. The older one goes offline pretty much straight away and stays there

I was not able to find anything in the service menu about keeping the WIFI connected

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Thank you for that information, @troy_owens. I was able to replicate the directly connected symptom and assign the TV to a room on UN60KU6300, a 60inch model of your TV. To be honest, I can’t remember between Add Device>Samsung>TV or if Scan for devices automatically detected it.

As mentioned, Sign out of Samsung Account on TV, then Delete Directly Connected Device from ST App and perform the Hard Reset.

The Resets mentioned above are as follows;

Soft Reset - Located under System>Start Setup (Resets the TV to it’s original settings for Setup process. (HDMI, Remote controls setups, etc).
Hard Reset - Located under Settings>Support>Self Diagnosis>Restore all TV settings to factory defaults.

Follow the setup process and sign into your Samsung Account, Return to the Smart Things Mobile App and attempt the scan or adding of the TV. (It should store network settings which is why I am thinking that I used the Scan opton but again unsure)

I hope that you are able to get it assigned to a room and that this information helps.

@stanleywinston, Do you have the older Television setup to WiFi or ethernet connection?

it’s currently connected through WIFI

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Thanks Zell… It is setup on wifi. Thanks for your reply s… I will definitely give it a go when I get the chance and let ya know how it went

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