Adding "personal devices" to a room (and other stuff)

Hello everyone… I am new to SmartThings and to the forum. I have been mostly successful in linking my (mostly Samsung) devices to SmartThings… But I am having trouble with one in particular… an older Samsung smart TV. I am actually able to add the device from within SmartThings, but it is designated as a “personal device” - and in order for it to work correctly, I must create an entry in IDE for the same device using the “Unique ID” that corresponds to that TV. When both entries exist, I can control the TV as if from a remote - turn it off, volume, etc… anything you can do with the remote except turn it on… But the TV is characterized as a personal device, and I am unable to assign it to a room. Another symptom of the problem is that this device does not work unless I create a second device within IDE using the “Unique ID” specified for that device in the Smart Hub fields. The entry created by the IDE does not offer any remote functions, and while it says I can turn it off, it does not respond. The one that I created from within SmartThings can be accessed and controlled, but if I delete the IDE-created device, I lose the functionality. So in order for it to work, SmartThings must have two entries for the same device. If I delete the IDE device the other entry stops working. If I recreate it, it starts working again.

Any suggestions? Keep in mind I am technically inclined, but new to all of this SmartThings stuff.


Hey there! @wigi49, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’d be happy to provide some troubleshooting steps for your specific model to try.

What is the Model Code of the Samsung TV that you are having issues with? Is it connected via Ethernet or WIFI? You can locate the Model code within the support settings menu of your TV.

The first thing I wanted to mention that you may find very helpful is that “Personal Devices” are Directly Connected Bluetooth Devices shown in the First Card of your Devices Tab. These devices are unable to be assigned to a room at this time. This leads me to believe that the TV has not been onboarded properly as it would show as an assignable device to be added to a room and ‘placeholder’ in IDE vs a Directly Connected Bluetooth Device only appearing personal device in the ST App. Once I have the model code, I’ll be able to check it with my list of supported models.

In the meantime, you can also review the thread in full where two other community members were able to resolve this concern using the trouble steps I provided in that thread: Samsung tv cannot be assigned to a room

Summary of the steps: Delete the TV from Directly Connected Devices, log out of your Samsung Account on the TV and then factory resetting the TV, logging in with your Samsung Account, accepting terms and attempting to add it to Smart Things using any of the three methods of Model code, Automatically Detected New Device Pop-up, Scan for nearby ready to be connected devices.

The steps for the Factory Reset:
Hard Reset - Located under Settings>Support>Self Diagnosis>Restore all TV settings to factory defaults.

I hope this message finds you well!


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The model code is UN32J5500.

I did what you suggested (I think). I deleted the existing entries from SmartThings, I reset the TV, logged in, (renamed it something distinctive) and then added the device back by telling ST that I was looking to add a Samsung TV. It found it quickly and added it… but it tells me that it is connected directly to my phone and is listed as a “personal device”.

I don’t really care if it is assigned to the room; I just want to be able to address it (or more specifically, turn it off) from Alexa.

I am reading the thread you suggested, but I am not 100 percent sure I am following it. I will keep at it.

I can see how this is problematic if the device sending the command is my phone. I am using the TV (along with two other TVs) as monitors, and I would like to be able to turn them off with a single voice command (ideally). What I am doing now is using three separate remotes to control them, which is a pain.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you for confirming the model code. I was able to review that information and I see that the J5500 series is not listed as a supported model certified in the US. Not all smart features are available and vary by TV model.

The step of selecting Brand(Samsung) > TV (Your Selection) > Supported devices(Device List) - J5500 is not listed. This leads me to believe that your model is only available as a Directly Connected model due to non-certification and only connecting Directly as a Bluetooth device.

Unfortunately, this means that you would not be able to achieve placement into a room, or control the device for automation or scenes as Directly Connected Devices do not have that option.

Additionally, the TV would not be seen as a device and would not be synced to Alexa App Integration.

I hope this message finds you well!