Samsung tv cannot be assigned to a room

Thank you for providing that information guys!

I can confirm that it is currently working on a WiFi connection, please do keep me posted I would love to know the results of your troubleshooting and will continue to monitor the going offline issue and forward accordingly. It would also be a good idea to submit a support ticket with screenshots so we can track both issues further:

You both seem to be using US Model TV’s so you can reach support using the following:
US: 1-866-813-2404

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OMG!!! It actually worked! Steps I took were hard reset only without deleting Samsung account before…Tv setup and scan nearby for new devices in ST app…on top of that, after clicking the tile in the app it will now turn on the Tv by clicking the power button even though it says offline on the tile. This is fantastic after 2 years of not working correctly. Thanks so much @stanleywinston and @SamsungZell. @fido …read this tread…you and I have been combatting this for years now

edit… @SamsungZell after about 10 seconds off it does show online (OFF) on the tile again…also showing in automations but only for off state…if we could get the on state in automations once again that would be incredible. now if Samsung would let my 2020 TU8000 (2019 has it) have the ST app on TV I’d be all set


Awesome :sunglasses: @troy_owens, I’m glad that you were able to also get it back assigned to a room and removed from directly connected devices using the troubleshooting steps.

Thank you for confirming that information and providing your feedback to forward accordingly. There seems to be a short ‘Time Interval’ between turning off the device by ST power button or voice assistants before they are able to be turned back on instantly.

Additionally, certain voice assistant features are not available without being wired to an ethernet cable. I have tested and confirmed that you may return back to a Hard-Wired connection with your newly assigned TV if you do not desire to connect through WiFi or utilize voice assistants.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Hey Zell, just wondering what voice assistant features aren’t available using wifi? The TV in question is not near the router though i could hook it up to a wifi mesh module with an ethernet cable in the same room if there is true benefit…and once again, thanks so much for your input and help…you smartthings staff that help us in this forum are awesome. :slightly_smiling_face: