New Samsung TV wont connect via Alexa

Hey everyone,

I did as much searching as I could bear with my current frustration level but none of the answers and how-to’s solved my problem.

I have alexa and smartthings in my house, and recently purchased a Samsung Series 6 65" TV as it was advertised as being able to integrate. I had the old smartthings app, and the tv would not connect to it, so in troubleshooting and searching I found my way to the new samsung connect app for my phone, deleted smartthings and boom, tv and all of my other devices connected.

I have no issue controlling the TV via samsung connect but im trying to get it to link with my alexa and it simply wont do it. Ive tried disabling and enabling the smartthings skill, forgetting all devices and re-linking through alexa etc. When I forget all devices and re link, it finds everything but the TV.

It seems its a common problem but most of the threads I found had mention of developer stuff (IDE) which I am definitely not. I bought this specific TV for the alexa capability. (so nice for my kids to be able to put on their own shows).

Any help getting this up and running would be fantastic. Thanks

Once you add the device, make sure Alexa has permission to it.

Are you signed into the same Samsung account on both the TV and the SmartThings app?

Brad, both devices are on the same account with same username.

Jay, how do you go about that? I have added the device to ST and enabled smartthings in alexa, is there a step Ive missed?

Do you see the TV in your list of devices in the SmartThings app?

It sounds like your TV may only be connected as a local device (Wi-Fi/bluetooth) and not a cloud-connected device.