Smartthings wants to connect my tv directly to my phone not a room

I recently had to remove my tv from smart things because it refused to see the device as online even when it is, and now when i go to add it back the app only wants to add it as a direct connection to my phone. I need it in the app so alexa can see and control the tv. Any suggestions as to how to get smartthings to add the tv to a room and not just directly connect to the phone?

Edit: Accidentally posted before i finished

What model is the TV?

It is model code UN50NU6900

The good news is that model is on the supported list.

You can try the recommended troubleshooting steps

What to do when the SmartThings app fails to add my TV? | Samsung LEVANT.

Or just contact support since they can see things from their side that we as regular customers cannot.