Samsung TV 2016 Device work or no?

I’ve been searching and see a TON of conflicts of information.

I have a 65KS8500 and a 55KS8000. I go to devices and manually add, samsung products, Television, it discovers them, I check the box, click next, a prompt comes on the TVs to allow, I allow, I then click next on the smart things app and it goes back to the discovery page.

Is anyone successful connecting a 2016 tv or is it a bug in this version of smartthing of an endless loop? I swear I’ve seen people get smart things notifications on their TV and the ability to control. (power, sound, etc)


yes it works

Any tricks on adding it as a device? I keep looping around and around…

Calling support for help.

Called support and there is known issue where level 2 support will then authenticate the TV on the backend. It took 2 seconds for them to do. Both TVs are now working! I hope this helps out someone else that may want to integrate with Smartthings and not rely on a Harmony Hub. (which I also have for additional control)

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Where do you see TV in the device list?

I can see a section called Samsung Appliances… But there is no TV in there…

My home, add a thing, add device manually, samsung products, samsung smart tv, (very bottom) then connect now. then you’ll need to contact level 2 support for them to manually add it on the back end after you have clicked allow on your TV.

Weird i don’t have a “Samsung products” section… Only “Samsung Appliances” section that doesn’t contain any TVs

Are you on Android or iOS?

I’m on Android…

Are you by chance outside the U.S.? Speciffic american market 2016 TVs are the only ones that it will work for right now. I am not sure if they are working on opening it up to other regions or not.

Ah right. I’m in the UK

I am using the Android App and the Samsung Products is between Remotes & Buttons and Sensors. Maybe need to update the APP?

Yep, Peter, you are one of many non-US users who is trying to use a “US only” feature…
bad luck!

Last month, I also bought, in the UK, a 2016 KS TV on the basis that I could connect it to my hub…
Nowhere on the UK advertising, specification, Samsung UK website, etc it is written that this is a “US Only” feature!
I have been conned by Samsung and I discovered it the hard way!!!

Welcome to the “second class” Smartthing users group!

See my “buying a Samsung car” analogy, which illustrates our situation!

What features does integration with SmartThings probide?

I’m going to get a KS8000

It gives you power, volume, mute, max volume, picture mode and sound mode. It will also give you text string notifications in the black notification bar at the top of the TV using CoRE. It will not give you any input selection or the ability to change channels on the digital tuner. Some do have issues getting them to pair and it only works for specific US market models, which the KS8000 would fall onto if it is a US model (A as the last digit of the full model #)