Samsung smartTV integration, what can it do?

So I just found out the other day that Samsung TVs are now able to be added as “Things”. I thought this was neat and strange at the same time. Apparently this is a fairly new integration. I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about it, and I can’t find much about the actual usages of the integration on this forum.

I added mine just yesterday and see that it gives me on/off, volume control, some display settings, and sound settings.

I was thinking about what I could automate and the only useful things seem to be that I could trigger lighting based on the TV state (on/off) and I can potentially control on/off and volume with my voice (Alexa/Google Home).

Is there anything else this is useful for that I’m missing? Is there any way I could broadcast messages to my TV screen? Say if a connected doorbell rings or a package arrives?

Hi eric10k93, I have a link to a thread for further reading.

A few ideas for uses that I set up today:-

I used CORE to set up notifications for my Samsung TV. I also set the “Dynamic” picture mode to automatically enable when the TV is turned on between sunrise - sunset, and “Movie” picture setting between sunset - Sunrise.

I also set the TV to turn on when my Alarm is triggered!


Thanks! Wow the search in this forum is terrible. That link never comes up for me when I run a search…

I just got my new TV connected that I use to only display my security cameras. I used to use a wemo on another TV to turn it on / off. Now I can do it via the direct ST integration.

After reading what @NHENRY said above about notifications above, I just gave it a try. It works. The message stays for about a minute unless you hit ok.

Where did you find the TV device in CoRE?

When selecting the device type scroll to the bottom of the list and select control any device. Then select notification device.

There are two methods that look like they would work, but only one does (at least for me).

deviceNotification(…) <— This worked
sendMessage(…) <— This didn’t

I could have the “exact” wording of the methods wrong, but you will find it.

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Glad you brought this up. I meant to test it before, but forgot. Device Notification works! This is awesome. Cannot believe there is no official app to do it. But glad is working.

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I haven’t tested if the TV turns on if it is off when you send a notification. However you could probably do…

Turn On
Wait 10s

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I don’t see why not, but don’t know if I want to turn on the TV when motion is detected on the front porch, unless I can turn it on to see the live feed from my cams.

Hmmm…I am looking for an Android TV device now. Front porch motion changes to active, turn Android TV Harmony activity on to stream my Nest Cam…

In my case I have a large TV hanging in my kitchen (I’ve done it tastefully) that has all of my security cameras on it. I have CoRE configured through some motion sensors to reliably tell when we go upstairs for the night and come downstairs in the morning. This TV is on all day long except when we are sleeping. So my setup in CoRE via a couple pistons turns it on / off. No real need for notifications but I’ll likely do something. I was using another TV with a wemo, got a new TV as 32" was too small. Now at 49".

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@whoismoses did you check your routines? They are automatically updated to control your TV…And a new routine is added (Movie Time). Except for CoRE, I didn’t update any of those to use my TV …

I’m honestly surprised my wife let me hang up a TV in the kitchen. She is usually so picky about things looking bad. I never do things that look bad, but she sure thinks everything does, haha

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My wife loves this stuff. I was more picky than her. She wanted the cheap TV, i want for looks.

Hi all, I have a 2016 Samsung tv and messaging using the device notifications property triggered using Core has been working great for me for several months. However, it has suddenly stopped working - has this happened to anyone else? I even tried to rebuild my piston in webcore to see if this would work and used different triggers etc to no avail. The logs show that the notifications are being sent to the tv but I just cannot see anything displayed.

Very strange given it has been working fine until now. Any ideas on how to fix?