Get notifications from SmartThings on Samsung TV?

(JB) #1

I was able to add my 2016 Samsung TV to SmartThings, so I can turn it on/off, control volume, etc from my phone. What I’m wondering is if the TV can tell me notifications from SmartThings. For example, if I leave a door open too long, I get a notification from the open/close sensor. Is is possible to have that notification go to the TV? I’ve played around with some CoRE pistons, but I could only get the TV to turn on and off. Thanks.

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(Ricci Hoffer) #2

To get notifications, the TV is under the Control Any Device section at the bottom, then under Notification Devices.

See this link for the images

(JB) #3

Excellent, thanks!

(JB) #4

I took it a step further and added actions to turn the TV on, wait 10 seconds, display notification, wait 10 seconds and turn back off. Now if I could just get it to play a louder sound for the notification so I notice it if I’m in another room…