Samsung Smart Tv Integration?

Soooo ive read a few bits and bats, but not found any real solutions or plans or solutions around this topic . . .

My samsung smart tvs are both able to show marquee style popups at the top of the screen on command from samsung (so over the net) for example: if they plan to discontinue an app or service i get a marquee popup telling me so a few days before and then i can click for more info or leave it to go off 10 seconds later

Is it planned to /or/ can it already be done somehow… That smarthings has permission (im sure they trust you enough now seen as There your new parents haha) to send these kind of notifcations to the tv, surely a quick generic app from the tvs app store could add these functionalities to any samsung smart tv . . .

For instance " if doorbell rings " put up a pop up style marquee on any tv that is turned on, telling you the door bell has rang and then gives you the option to pause the tv or mute or not etc

Or with hub v2s new feature, it pushes a PIP(picture in picture - top right corner usually) of your camera on the front door to the tv and the notification etc (like fibaro does)

The tv app could even double up as a massive dashboard or even add a widget to the tvs smarthub to show the homes status orrrr even better to activate actions based on whether your watching netflix or digital tv or paused etc etc (example: if tv pauses then raise lights slightly if it is after 6pm) etc

Surely this is easier now than ever and would add some great other use cases that even I’ve not considered :slight_smile:

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Integration with all Samsung smart appliances is planned for sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. My guess would be V4, not V2.

But again, coming eventually does not mean coming soon.


Since there hasn’t been anything new, please combine this with the existing Samsung TV topic

Samsung TV

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Real shame as others systems have had this since V1 and they aint even sleeping in the same bed as the world biggest tv manufacturer lol :wink:

I wonder if there is a way round this without the need for an official timescaled plan of attack…

Would open so many doors as im sure you would agree and give ST the av side of things it currently lacks unless you use harmony (which as we all know is majorly limited)

I suspect this is likely much sooner than than later. Samsung will “take care of their family”.

I would not be surprised if there is a “secret” team dedicated to Samsung integration. Especially Smart TV.


I hope your saying that because you have insider info as it would make my day haha :slight_smile:

Its true though, there has to be a team down at ST dedicated to samsung integration if they have made a promise that ALL there devices will be st compatible by 2020 in there keynote at CES this year (mainly tvs no doubt) as other than having financial interest in ST now, they appear to have done nothing else really… (i will be eating my tongue at the next CES keynote when they announce loads of mad shit for ST no doubt haha)

@Ben / @mager / @Tyler / @April do any of you guys know anything more on this subject that could improve my day :slight_smile:

No idea, but I love the scenarios you mentioned here! We definitely need to figure out how to make this work.

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The keynote said that all devices will be connectable to the internet — not to SmartThings specifically. If we prioritized all Samsung devices before anything else we would never get out from under that backlog. Luckily they aren;t asking us to :smile:

We are picking a few key Samsung devices to integrate with before others however. Some of these have been mentioned here. I think people will be excited about them when they are released.


Great news @ben :slight_smile:

As for samsung tv intergration ive mastered it all now using a users smartapp and several virtual momentary switches and harmony integration :slight_smile: everything accept the notification on screen bit

Crossing my fingers.


@jodyalbritton hahahahahahahahaha

This is almost possible if you are running a Plex server. @Tyler has had some talks with the Plex folks. I don’t know if anything has come of that yet, but I am working on my own Plex integration as well.

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Plex . . . New to me ill look into it, sounds gooooddd

Just had a quick look its similiar to kodi/xbmc i guess

I presume that means you would only see notifications whilst using that service not whilst usings tva inbuilt tuber or netflix app etc etc

This sounds interesting. I especially like the doorbell popup on the screen. I recently added a contact sensor to my doorbell wiring and disabled the bell portion of it (dogs go nuts) so I get an instant notification on my phone, but nothing more. A TV popup would be awesome!

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Put me down for some Samsung SmartTV integration sexyness! Even just the ability to turn it on/off and launch certain apps would be cool!

I saw the other thread which looks interesting, might give it a go but official integration would be even better! :smiley:

My current integration of teo smart samsung tvs is:

1.) Harmony to turn on and off the tvs and get to apps or channels etc

2.) community IP samsung integration to paise and mute the tv etc if doorbell is rang it can do anything a remote can but is complicated once you start adding alot of buttons…

Here are print screens of some bits i found in regards to showing notifications from a samsung smart tv app on a television (even when app isnt running on screen)

It seems to be possible to run an android app that can then push content forward to any samsung smart tv such as phone calls or text messages - maybe the creator of sharptools etc could assist in getting SmartThings content pushed in the same way to the tvs :slight_smile:



Using SAMGO (Samsung firmware hacks) its possible to do this already . . . so its 110% possible that samsung could allow smartthings to also do this . . .

@Ben :wink: will you be back supporting samsung tvs . . . or just forward supporting new models ?

Useful links ive found on this:

This may help a REAL developer more than it does me as im lost in it all very quickly even thought i know its on the right subject and right direction to get the results users want :slight_smile:


Anyone fancy looking into this with me - notofications on tv :slight_smile:

Ive got harmony intergration for on/off etc

And direct button control via user ip integration

Now i want to look into notifcations on tv // for example:

Doorbell rings - tv popup shows on tv DORBELL RANG


I desperately wanted to do this with the Apple TV, but Apple hasn’t enabled push notifications in tvOS yet. When they do, obycode will be right on top of it!

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