Samsung Smartthings UK Black Friday Discounts

In case it hasn’t already been posted. There are ST reductions on the ST UK website. No multi sensors our plugs though. Grab em while you can!

and suprise surprise…out of stock.

No benefit for loyalty. Time & time again this gets raised as an issue, yet nothing gets done.

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Where are you seeing low/out of stock Kits?

Out of stock of MultiSensor, Motion Sensor, Power Outlet and various kits.

The plugs haven’t been in stock all week from what I’ve seen.

I tried the site at about 0025hrs this morning, the offers were up at that stage and guess what…

The power outlets (plugs) were out of stock.

Shock, horror, that was after 25 mins.

I also tried logging in for the special deals but still No Power Outlets.

Demand is super high (which I can’t really complain about). There should still be outlets available on Amazon and Currys. Keep me updated if you have any difficulties purchasing - we are working to fulfill orders ASAP. Thanks again for the patience!

I find it hard to believe that apparently the Samsung website had no power plugs all week, could have had stock going into Black Friday but had sold out within 25 mins.

Regardless, the point is that the Samsung would have offered the plug at £36.00 (if there was stock !)

Oh, there are starter kits available - thus creating yet more demand.

Samsung Smartthings stock situation can be summed up in one word =SHAMBLES !
How can you sell starter kits but have no add on sockets available ?
You cant even blame Black Friday as everything has been out of stock for weeks.
An occasional drip feed of limited supply of items into stock is not good enough.
Either commit to Smartthings UK or pull the plug and stop your loyal customers wasting further funds on a dead platform.


All I can tell you is what I saw - I kept checking in periodically to check whether there were any Black Friday deals going on but they were always OOS.

We are aware of the issue. There was a supply chain change and issue that we were working through. Since inventory has come back in stock (about 2-3 weeks ago), we are experiencing high demand. This has been both good and bad - we love that customers are clamoring for products and know it’s frustrating when they are not available. We are working to keep up with the demand and appreciate the patience as we work to stabilize the distribution pipeline.

Cyber Monday is here…
Make the most of the final day…
Exclusive Member only Deals…

The only thing available is the Hub at £89.10 a saving of 10%

So yet again the UK misses out on any deals, whereas across the water discounts of up to 25%.

Do you think they are trying to tell us something?

I just checked and everything is in stock today and at discount prices

10% off motion sensor
20% off multi Sensor
20% off power outlet
28% off presence sensor
24% off moisture sensor

All based on prices from amazon & currys £29.99 except the power outlet at £44.99

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Thanks for the information.

The website still won’t let me order via laptop browser, but it worked from my mobile.

Ordered fine on friday and just ordered more as multi sensor is now in stock

Currently using Chrome 55.0.2883.59 beta (64-bit)

@Aaron are these now the normal prices in the UK or is this a sale? Just need to know if I need to rush and get as many as I can :sweat: or can I spread out the cost. :slight_smile:
Does not mention sale or discount anywhere.

Kinda looks that way they seem to be more inline with production costs as clearly the cheapest to make is the presence sensor > moisture > multi > motion > power outlet

This is a loaded question - of course you should get as many as you can…

The honest answer is I don’t know. We can suggest pricing (MSRP) but cannot dictate how the retailers price it. Even if I did have some inside information (e.g., for a retailer like - which I don’t - I probably wouldn’t be able to announce it.

Thanks… I rushed and got some. I must have bought the last few outlets as it all went out of stock right after!
You really need to get extra crates over!!


Can someone please post a direct link to the page that shows the stock levels and prices as shown above. I cant seen to load the pages.

In the meantime I am going to download Chrome and try that.