Out of stock

(Kraeg) #1

Hi all,

Anyone know if something is happening? Most of the “things” on the UK Samsung ST site are out of stock - we due a set of new devices? Or something else?


(Paul Ockenden) #2

They’ve been having a sale (20% off most things), so I presume that depleted the stocks.

(Rik Taylor) #3

None of the currys stores near me have had any stock for the last couple of weeks so I was wondering too what was happening.

(Paul) #4

Curry’s on Ebay are a pretty good source. Delivery is normally a couple of days and it;s all new stock delivered out of their Newark, Notts depot.

(Rik Taylor) #5

Thanks Paul, i didn’t even think about ebay

I’ve now cleared stock from the shelves of 3 currys stores near me and they have not replaced which points to something happening.

(Paul) #6

Pi$$ poor stock management?

(Wayne) #7

Samsung online store is in stock. As for Currys they typically have less than a handful of these things. I’ve cleared them out numerous times in the past. They’re just not very good tbh.

(Martin Newham) #8

I get mine from this store.

They seem to be in stock, but there was another Samsung site in the UK that previously showed them out of stock.