Samsung UK Store

Just had a look at the UK Samsung store and they appear to be out of stock of everything aside from the moisture sensor - is it just me, or does it feel a little like they are retreating from the UK market…

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Nope… more stock coming soon! Get super excited!


They are having sales few days back and people just grab things!

Any idea when the UK store will have stock again ?
It’s still all showing as out of stock.

I don’t have exact dates yet, but as soon as I receive word, I will start posting available retailers.

interesting choice of words…!

yay!!! Looks like Currys exclusivity is finally coming to an end in the UK!

No magical reveals at this time… is also considered a retailer of SmartThings products :slight_smile:

Come on Samsung - Sort out the UK SmartThings stock. The UK Echo launch is only going to increase demand in the UK. When are you going to get stock ???

I think Samsung have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

About 2.5 million of them ! :grinning:

I think those fish fry themselves…


Amost 3 weeks now.

Can we have an update please ?

Amazon appear to have the Smartthings stuff on pre-order. Can’t say I’ve noticed this until now. No sign of a release date though…

Samsung SmartThings SmartPower Outlet for Amazon Echo

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Did I miss the “coming soon” announcement from SmartThings ?

This does highlight how overpriced the outlet socket is. Just £5 difference to the Dot.

Yes - thats why I no longer but the Samsung sockets etc.

It will no doubt be because of some agreement set with Currys PC World. My guess would be some form of 12 month exclusivity, so thats why devices are “coming soon” to Amazon. As soon as any deal runs out with Currys, expect prices to drop - or at least they should if they want to compete with the other manufacturers shipping zwave items.

this is a good sign just need the prices to come down

The outlet needs to be around £25-30 and everything else down to £20 then I would buy ST devices, currently other zwave devices are either cheaper or include extra features for a little extra money.

no another note recently aeon labs stuff has increased in price only two weeks ago I got four Multisensor 6 for £40.79 each it’s now at £54.48 :disappointed:

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You’ll notice prices varying a lot on Amazon. Hoping this will be the same once smartthings becomes available.

Has anyone called samsung? A mate of mine did and was told they were discontinuing smartthings.

I think they need to retrain some of their staff