Samsung - Out of Stock

Just purchased the starter kit and now i’m trying to purchase more motion and multisensors. When I got to the website it says out of stock for both items and if I select the other retailers it just says that they aren’t currently available to buy!

What’s going on with stock?Anyone know how long they have been out of stock and when they are going to have more stock?

Pretty poor show from Samsung.


If you search the forum you will find that this is a running theme in the UK I’m afraid. Very poor.

Yep, this has been ongoing for many many months. @Aaron keeps on promising that these issues would be resolved soon but clearly Samsung are either not wanting to sell in the UK or stock/demand management must be the worst job I’ve ever seen anywhere. I was cheated out of a cyber Monday deal as they told me they had no stock a week after deliveries were due.
If they actually had stock here, I think smartthings would be at least twice as big than it is right now in the UK

We have mixed stock on but I am seeing a full complement on Amazon and CPCW online. Let me know if you’re seeing something else and I’ll investigate.

Aaron do PC World/Currys actually sell the moisture Sensor as it’s not listed on their site alongside the ST products?

As you know it’s sold out on the Samsung page so I’ll check Amazon as a last resort.


Strange. On the main SmartThings product page it’s not listed -

But if you search for it, it does come up. Will pop into my local branch and see if they have any.

Amazon is a bit messed up too.

If you search for Smartthings Moisture it isn’t listed, but if you then click on the hub you can then select the moisture sensor.

They don’t make it easy to buy this stuff, do they…

Yeah and when I found the moisture sensor on Amazon the questions and reviews seem to be talking about something else.

Both sites are messed up so I hope Samsung can sort out their procurement issue. Does seem rather strange after all this time that they still can’t supply their own items.

The US water leak sensor is an amplified device (See Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)) and so would be illegal to use here in the UK, where ZigBee power is restricted.