Smartthings UK Sale

As long as you are looking for a starter kit, power outlet or a moisture sensor there is a sale on the Smartthings UK website. Everything else is out of stock or “coming soon” unfortunately. Hopefully Currys will have a price drop next as they still seem to have stock.


Why is it that us who are big SmartThings supporters and early adopters never get informed early from Samsung? You would have thought with all the frustrations we have had to endure, there might be some reward for our loyalty…

Right now only the starter kit is available or the moisture detector.

No announcement and yet most things have sold out? When did the deal go live? Can’t have been that much stock in the first place. Disappointing.

darn it… I knew I should have ordered the power socket yesterday!

Every time Currys discount their stock they run out too. They seem to stock only 1 or 2 items per store. Samsung have great intentions by discounting to promote the product but someone somewhere is really screwing up the distribution rendering the whole exercise pointless.

I can imagine someone at the board level making observations that the promotions are getting lacklustre sales figures. I wonder if they actually realise the reasons for this!!

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You would think that Samsung are actually pushing us towards buying third party equipment to use with their hub.